Why My Buddy, Who’s A 2-Handicap Golfer, Plays Nothing But Used Callaway Golf Balls

Have switching to used Callaway golf balls ever crossed your mind..?

If you suffer from paying to much for new golf balls… if you think premium golf balls cost more than you can spend on balls… if you are uncomfortable because you want to show your buddies you are playing on tour balls but you are having a hard time to justify the cost… then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

There are ways you can play on used Callaway golf balls (that cost a fraction of new Callaways balls) and look like a real golfer when you tee it up with your buddies in comfort.

And you need to understand, there is a cost to not dealing with the expensive golf balls you play…

Male golfer black shirt white hat tee shotHow does it feel playing on used Callaway golf balls?

Play Used Callaway Golf Balls And You Will Feel As Comfortable As The Pro Players (And You’ll Save A Lot Of Money Too)

You know how it feels.

You don’t feel at ease when you overpay for your premium golf balls and you feel just as uncomfortable in front of your buddies when you don’t play a tour ball.

What most people do when feeling uncomfortable around other golfers is to dig deep enough in their pockets till they are playing with the same equipment as their buddies.

But for most us, none of that works in the long run.

You know Callaway golf balls are good, but they are also expensive when you buy them new.

This makes you mad because you are paying for expensive golf balls you don’t have the skills to benefit from (even if you are better than your buddies) and as a result you end up spending more money on balls than you would like.

(You count how many extra beers you could afford should you have paid less for golf balls.)

You feel stressed and uncomfortable when you play because you never have the time to warm up before teeing off since you have to stop by the store to pick up new balls before every round because you lose (just like the rest of us!) so many when playing.

It’s important for you to show your buddies that you are playing on premium Callaway golf balls since premium golf balls are what they are playing. You would be more comfortable playing cheaper balls, but it’s also important not to be the “odd fellow” in the gang. This makes you feel frustrated.

And what happens if you do nothing?

If you just keep buying the expensive golf balls… or keep playing on balls of lesser quality? This will lead to you never being able to feel comfortable when playing with your buddies or allow you to reach your full potential on the golf course.


Can I let you in on a secret..?

What I’ve Learned From My Buddy About Used Callaway Golf Balls

You think you’re alone feeling stressed when you have to stretch your wallet to buy new Chrome Softs that you know you have to explain at home. And you don’t feel comfortable teeing it up with your buddies with any other balls than a Chrome Soft.

This is a paradox.

I’ve felt just the same many times playing with low handicap golf buddies. I’ve been really uncomfortable and that feeling affected my game in a negative way.

  • I’ve stretched my budget for golf balls.

  • I’ve felt uncomfortable for not playing the “right” ball.

  • I’ve been the only one of us not playing a premium ball (and my buddies got an eye for details).

If you're aware of the details when playing, then you know how awkwards it can be playing on a golf ball that doesn’t make you feel at ease…

I’ve been struggling over this golf ball issue.


Then I found the used golf ball websites…

How Golf Became Easier With Used Callaway Golf Balls That Are More Affordable

The day I learned I could buy used Callaway golf balls much cheaper online was a revelation…

If you played on used Callaway golf balls instead, then you would save yourself a lot of money.

And since you (most likely) are an average golfer, it’s kind of hard to benefit from all the features in premium Callaway golf balls. Playing on used golf balls would probably make both you and your wallet feel better.

When you buy used Callaway golf balls you can bulk buy them online with fast delivery. This means you get a lot of used Callaway golf balls and you’ll have them in just a few days. Then you don’t have to buy new golf balls for the rest of the season.

Just imagine how much time this will save when you wouldn’t have to stop by the store to pick up new balls. Buying used Callaway golf balls saves you time and time adds up.

What would you do with all the extra time?

Would you practice and warm up on the range before your next round?

What would that mean to your game in the long run?


Are used Callaway golf balls good for your swing?

I don’t know about you, but most high- and mid-handicappers can’t tell a significant difference playing with new or used golf balls. And used Callaway golf balls are good and with the savings this is a no brainer if you enjoy Callaway balls.

How do you figure?

Maybe this is the golf ball for you:

  • Who should use Callaway Supersoft?

  • Are Callaway Supersoft good for distance?

  • Is your swing speed less than 85 mph?

You can get an even softer feel with used Callaway Supersoft golf balls. This is a nice ball for any golfer who can't justify paying the price of a premium (new or used) golf ball.

What is the benefit of a Supersoft golf ball?

The Supersoft has a low compression and it’s designed to maximize your distance on the course even with slower swing speeds.

Most of us duffers prefer a softer golf ball over a harder golf ball. The softer balls often have a lower compression which means it will take less club speed for you to properly compress your shot. This often gives you a straighter shot with a softer feeling when playing.

(Personally I love the soft feeling from a ball when playing.)

If you opt for the Supersoft, then remember that it comes in pink, green and yellow and these colors tend to be easier to see when looking for your ball in the ruff.

  • But you might want something more?

  • Are you after the feeling only a premium ball can give you?

  • Have you considered the Chrome Soft?

When you buy balls online you can afford to play used Callaway golf balls for you next round. And your buddies will notice that you play a Callaway Chrome Soft (or whatever your favorite golf ball is). They will consider you a golfer that only plays on what’s best for your game.

And you can do just that with peace in mind…

The Reasons Why My Buddy (Who’s A 2-Handicap Golfer) Prefers To Play Used Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

You should see my buddy…

(...he plays nothing but used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.)

Why is that?

Are Callaway Chrome Soft balls good?

The Chrome Soft is a good golf ball for any golfer. It has the soft feel you want in your short game and low spin with high launch off the tee.

What swing speed is needed for Chrome Soft?

If you have a swing speed of around 105-plus mph, then you’re likely to benefit more from this ball as compared to a golfer with lesser swing speed.

Is Callaway Chrome Soft a good ball for seniors?

The Chrome Soft from Callaway is a premium ball made with four-piece technology. If you’re a skilled golfer you can get more from playing this high quality ball than you can from many other cheaper balls.

So if you’re a skilled senior golfer, this might be the golf ball for you. But if you’re not close to single digit handicap, it’s likely you want to opt for a cheaper ball that still gives you that nice soft feeling in your shots.

Is Chrome Soft better than Supersoft?

I’ve really enjoyed the Chrome Soft for my short game shots. It’s actually the only premium golf ball I’ve played that I feel makes a difference to my short game.

The Chrome Soft has an urethane cover and it’s very soft which means I can get more spin on short greenside shots as well as my chips and pitches.

I’m not skilled enough to tell the difference between similar balls, but I can feel a difference between Chrome Soft and other premium golf balls. I can also feel a nicer touch with the Chrome Soft than with the Supersoft.

The Supersoft is a ball I like, but it’s not a Chrome Soft…

Is Chrome Soft as good as Pro V1?

I’m not an expert, just a guy who loves golf…

Both balls are among the best golf balls in the world.


I’ve played quite a lot with both balls. (Many of my friends play only Pro V1.) And I’ve never felt an edge from Pro V1.


  • I’ve felt an edge from used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

  • I’ve played good golf with used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

  • I’ve hit nice shots with used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

Are Callaway Chrome Soft balls good for beginners?

If you don’t mind paying for them, they are definitely good balls for beginners, but you might prefer choosing another sweet ball with soft touch that is cheaper.

It’s up to you…

You can read Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls reviews to learn more and maybe you can try them out when you find used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls for sale.

Make sure you don’t forget about these versions of Chrome Soft:

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track - Make more putts and shave strokes off your score with Triple Track. (Hmm 🤔) The lines on these balls are sweet, even though they don’t match my putting style…

Does Callaway still make Truvis golf balls? - Yes they do. The Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis are the balls that look like soccer balls. Do you have the guts to play used Callaway Truvis golf balls?

Now, back to my buddy…

He plays on nothing but used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls because, when you’re as good as he is, all the small details matter to your game.

He knows he has to play a good ball that performs the same every time he plays. And he chooses to play on used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls and not any other premium ball.

He could play new golf balls only, but like most of us, he enjoys saving money on used golf balls. And he chooses used Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls because he knows it’s a ball that helps him achieve a low score.

Is this true even for us average golfers…

Do Expensive Golf Balls Make A Difference?

When you play used Callaway golf balls today, you know you get good balls…

You can hit better, longer, more accurate shots and feel like a real golfer when you play on used Callaway golf balls, because used golf balls are cheaper and let you play on premium balls that will impress your buddies.

(Sure, there are other good brands too.)

Any golfer can relax and feel comfortable on the course when playing on used Callaway golf balls.

Used Callaway golf balls allows you to feel like a pro player knowing your stuff for a cheaper price tag, even if you are a duffer who wants to save money on golf balls to afford a few extra beers after the round where you and your buddies talk about the great shots the four of you had today.

Then you can choose if you want a more expensive premium used golf ball or a cheaper used golf ball…

Are You Ready To Play Used Callaway Golf Balls And Enjoy Golf Even More?

You have a choice to make about the golf balls you play:

Do what you’ve been doing on the course (or worse, play different balls every round). You know where that will take your golf game.

Is that really where you want your golf to go?

Or you can…

Take a new action, try a new brand and model from a used golf ball website and get a new result.

Finally you get to save money on balls, feel more comfortable when playing with your buddies and play a golf ball that can help improve your game.

Which do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to decide now…

Will you be playing used Callaway golf balls from now on?

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