What Are The Benefits of Playing Used Bridgestone Golf Balls?

Have you ever experienced what playing on used Bridgestone golf balls can do for your game?

No one wants to waste their money on golf equipment, but sometimes you have to because of wear and tear. And it's expensive to buy new golf balls all the time. 

You're playing good, but you know you could be doing better if you had a little more accuracy.

Can the right golf ball help you?

Bridgestone golf balls are made with high-quality materials, tested and trusted by many players around the world. When you choose Bridgestone you can expect quality products that fit your specific needs and budget.


What's the point of buying a new golf ball if you're not going to use it for long? 

Why not buy a cheaper-yet-equally-effective used Bridgestone golf ball instead?

You are just as sure to hit straighter and farther tee shots with a used golf ball as you are with a new one when you play a ball you enjoy!

There's no need to worry about the cost of used Bridgestone golf balls because they're durable and cheaper than new golf balls.

Used Bridgestone golf balls will often be cheaper than some other brands, so start playing with these today! Better yet, try out used Bridgestone golf balls now before they sell out. 

Save money on your golf by buying used Bridgestone golf balls! Bridgestone golf balls are quality and tested for tee shots down the fairway, so you never have to worry about quality again.

You're sure to find the perfect used Bridgestone golf ball if the brand appeals to you…

A Bridgestone golf ballAre you a Bridgestone type of golfer? Challenge your game with Bridgestone golf balls.

Who Makes Bridgestone Golf Balls?

This is something that I like, since not all golf companies make their own golf balls…

Bridgestone makes their own golf balls in their manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia. 

I don’t know if you care about this or not, but I enjoy companies that make their own golf balls in their own plant.

Over the last years both used Bridgestone golf balls and new ones have become more popular among both pros and weekend warriors and, as a result, Bridgestone has increased their golf ball production capacity by around 30% to help you have balls in your bag you like to play.

But how did it all start..

Why Does Bridgestone Make Golf Balls?

The Bridgestone company was founded in 1931 by the Japanese businessman Shojiro Ishibashi and a few years later they produced their first golf balls.

Bridgestone made breakthroughs in the tire technology and Ishibashi saw an opportunity to apply the technology to golf balls in order to benefit an even broader market. And that is how the first Bridgestone golf balls were produced in 1935.

As a tire manufacturer the company had expertise in all things rubber and polymers and for golfers this is vital. The core of golf balls are made of rubber so the step to making good golf balls wasn’t that big. 

(Besides, Shojiro Ishibashi was an avid golfer and this came to benefit golfers worldwide.)

But which ball will benefit your game the most…

Which Bridgestone Golf Balls Should I Use?

Bridgestone is a well-known brand when it comes to golf balls. 

They have a wide range of golf balls with different features and price points.

It's important to note that Bridgestone golf balls vary in terms of their construction, durability, and the type of player they are made for. Their balls also differ when it comes to levels of compression, spin, and feel.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

Bridgestone golf balls explained…

Used Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

The e6 is designed to increase your distance on all of your shots. 

It now features a larger, softer core that's made to compress easier, giving you high speeds without sacrificing feel. This design offers the best of both worlds: easy swing speeds and excellent feel.

I’ve played a used e6 a few times and what stood out for me was the feel, even though I’m not a Bridgestone type of golfer.

What about you…

Used Bridgestone e6 golf ballShot after shot, we can't stop smiling with your continuous e6 feedback!

Used Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

This is a ball I have never played, but it deserves its space here.

From Bridgestone’s site you can read a ton of technical stuff about the Tour B RX and to me it’s about the same as most manufactures write about their balls. It’s hard to understand what the ball can do for me.

I have no doubt that this is an excellent golf ball and it has been played by Lexi Thompson in professional competition. I hope I find one when I’m in the rough next time, because I would like to see what it can do to my game.

But I’ve never bought Bridgestone balls, I have only played on used balls I’ve found. And even though I liked the balls I’ve played, I doubt I will ever buy a Bridgestone ball either new or used.

Or will the e12 change my mind…

Used Bridgestone e12 Soft Golf Balls

I’ve played this ball for 18 holes once and it was something about this golf ball that I enjoyed.

The e12 has a dimple system and structure that stands out. It has a raised area in the center of each pattern and an outer portion of the dimple pattern that they claim slows horizontal rotation during flight.

Slowing down the sideway rotation of the ball should be a good thing for most golfers that I know. The result when you swing is straighter ball distance with pretty much every club in your bag.

Is using Bridgestone e12 Soft golf balls something that would help you improve your game?

I would consider these the best Bridgestone golf balls for beginners and I’ve seen used Bridgestone e12 Soft golf balls on sale over at Lost Golf Balls.


Does Bridgestone Make Good Golf Balls?

Yes, Bridgestone makes good golf balls for pros and beginners alike.

But they have never appealed enough to me that I would bulk buy used Bridgestone golf balls. I make a stronger connection with other golf ball brands.

I don’t know about you...

Are you a golfer that would enjoy playing on used Bridgestone golf balls?

Some of the benefits you get when playing used Bridgestone golf balls are:

  • You get a golf ball that makes you stand out - your buddies will notice!

  • You get a golf ball that behaves the way you expect it to behave on the course.

  • You get a nice soft feel when striking the ball with both your woods, irons and putts.

You would definitely get good golf balls you can lower your score with…

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