Golf Trivia Questions and How To Entertain Your Friends And Family With Them

Do you enjoy golf?


These great golf trivia questions will show you the importance of not only playing golf, but also knowing about golf.

Golf is a popular sport, but it can be tricky to come up with clever conversation starters. We all know the game can be stressful, but what if there were some ways to make it more fun?

This article will give you fun golf trivia questions and a great time.

We all know how important the old saying "a few minutes of laughter a day" is for our mental health. I want you to laugh and share some quality time with your friends and family.

Find all the information in the article below!

Animated golf flag and greenGet ready to go toe-to-toe with your friends and family for a lighter side of #golf.

What Are Golf Trivia Questions & Why Are They Important?

You like golf trivia questions just like the rest of us…

Golf trivia questions with answers are a great way to challenge your golfing knowledge and learn something new. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as fun bar games, trivia contests, or even to test your knowledge before you play a round of golf.

The best way to entertain your friends and family is with some fun facts about golf and trivia.

But you knew this already, didn’t you..?

There are many different types of questions that can be asked about the sport of golf. For example: 

  • What is the lowest score possible in golf? 

  • Who is the youngest golfer to win the U.S. Open? 

  • How many clubs are allowed in a bag when playing golf?

Golf is a sport that many people enjoy playing. It's also a sport that has an interesting history and some interesting facts about the game.

Do you know the answers to these fun golf trivia questions…

  • What is the longest club in a golf set?

  • What king banned golf in his country?

  • How many dimples are on a golf ball?

… or dig into these golf trivia questions and answers:

Facts About the Origins of Golf

Interesting facts about the history of golf, including when golf was invented & who invented it.

Why Collared Shirts Are a Must-Have for Golf

The collared shirt is a deceptively simple style detail. But, it has the power to transform your appearance and make you look like a pro. But is it mandatory on all courses?

Why Do Golf Balls Have Numbers On Them?

Learn why golf balls are numbered - Golf ball numbers explained.

Why Do Golf Grips Have Tape?

Golf grips can be made of rubber, cord, or leather. But why are golf grips also tapered?

The Reasons Why Businessmen Play Golf

Learning the game of golf is a fantastic way to grow as a person and build strong business relationships.

For more golf trivia questions with multiple choice, explore the links below...

Golf Rules Trivia Questions

Looking for online rules quizzes?

Try these golf rules trivia questions that produce multiple-choice questions and answers.

However, rules aren’t the most fun part of the game…

Easy Golf Trivia Questions

Where can you find easy golf trivia questions?

Challenge yourself with fun golf trivia. There are hints for when you need them; answers and more interesting reading is available.

Try this website for golf trivia, fun facts, and easy questions. There are lots of golf trivia questions and they're fun to read. With some extra reading, links, pictures, and videos, they're even more fun to play.

Too easy for you?

Hard Golf Trivia Questions

Are you ready for a challenge?

Good, because here comes one!

This is a multiple choice quiz that will test your golf knowledge. There are three rounds, each with 10 questions. You must answer all ten.

Put your knowledge of the game to the test with some hard golf trivia questions.

Playing trivia with your friends is fun.


Are you ready for the ultimate golf trivia game?

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