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  • Srixon golf balls are some of the best in the world, but buying new ones is expensive.

  • Find what you're after at a price you can afford with used golf balls from Srixon.

  • Get on the course with high-quality second-hand golf balls - it's affordable and cost-effective.

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Animated golfer with orange ballThe right ball can make all the difference for your golf.

How Used Srixon Golf Balls Make Golf More Fun

Take a moment to reflect… 

Have you ever experienced financial pressure because you have to buy so many expensive golf balls and, as a result, you feel uncomfortable around the golf course?

You are not comfortable because golf balls are so expensive you choose to buy a cheaper less known brand and, as a result, you feel that others don’t look at you as being a real golfer. 

You don’t feel that you are a real golfer and that you don’t belong with the others in your local golf community and, as a result, you don’t play as well as you can. Golf simply doesn't bring added value of joy to your life.

This feeling of not being a golfer that fits in makes you angry, just because branded golf balls are so expensive and, as a result, you feel that the golfing world isn’t fair.


It makes me mad just hearing about it.

How Used Srixon Golf Balls Can Improve Your Life

It makes total sense you would need some help with this golf ball thing causing all the problems.

I understand how it feels, because for a long time I wasn’t comfortable buying the expensive golf balls and that led to the same feelings and anger you are having now.

The game changer for me was when I found out I could buy used Srixon golf balls and this has made all the difference for me. These are good golf balls and you have to have balls to play, right?

  • It's cheaper to buy used Srixon golf balls than to buy new balls. You can play golf cheaper when you buy used Srixon golf balls. 

  • You don't have to be afraid of losing balls any longer, since you can afford to lose a ball or two during a round when you buy used Srixon golf balls. 

  • Golf becomes more fun when you can play another affordable used ball and don't have to spend time looking for a sliced ball out in the high rough.

You will find golf more relaxing and fun when you play on used Srixon golf balls as compared to playing on more expensive golf balls that hurt both your heart and wallet when you hit one in the water.

Srixon is a nice brand and it shows others that you know about golf and have a grip on things. You will feel comfortable playing with others since you know they see you as a golfer knowing your stuff when you play used Srixon golf balls. 

When others look at you and recognize you as a golfer, you will get a nice feeling of being a golfer. Having the feeling of being a golfer makes you belong to the golfing community. You know you will benefit from the rewards that come from being a member of your local golf community. 

Having others look at you like a golfer and feeling that you belong to the golfing community are stepping stones to having a wonderful life on the golf course.

Let’s find out more about Srixon and their balls…

Second Hand Srixon Golf Balls

Yes, it’s nice to buy cheaper second hand golf balls. But which model should you play with? 

If you haven’t played Srixon balls before, then it’s not easy to know which one is best for you.

Let’s dig deeper…

  • What is Srixon's best ball?

The best golf ball is different for every golfer. It’s mostly about personal preferences since many brands make good golf balls. 

Now that you have found the Srixon brand you have to try some of their different models in order to learn what model is the best for you.

  • What is the softest Srixon ball?

You might wonder which Srixon ball is the softest since they got multiple soft models. The answer to this question also depends on how much you like to pay for the ball. 

The Q-STAR TOUR is Srixon’s softest tour-level golf ball. It’s a three-piece golf ball with lower compression so you can reduce long-game sidespin. So when playing the Q-STAR TOUR you can expect your balls to fly straighter with your driver and other woods.

  • What Srixon balls do tour players use?

The Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls are Srixon's foremost tour balls. These Srixon premium golf balls offer you a urethane cover with a 3-layer construction so you can hit shots with low driver spin and a controllable trajectory. 

However, with my skills, I’m not even close to benefit from what these balls have to offer. Would you benefit from the Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls?

  • Where are Srixon golf balls made?

The brand that owns Srixon is Sumitomo Rubber Industries, so technically they are who makes Srixon golf balls. 

But where are Srixon balls manufactured? 

Well, they are manufactured in Srixon's facility in Japan. 

I like the fact that the balls are made in the country the brand is from. That is not always the case in the golf industry. 

Are Srixon Balls Good?

Srixon golf balls are made for any golfer looking for a quality ball. They have many different types of balls, so it's easy to find one that suits your needs.

Reading Srixon golf ball reviews is the perfect place to learn about the different types of Srixon golf balls and which ones are best for you.

Let’s find your ball…

Used Srixon Soft FeelThat's right, I'm hooked on Srixon Soft Feel and I'm not putting it down anytime soon.

Play Used Srixon Golf Balls For More Fun And Better Golf

I’ve played on used Srixon golf balls for years and they sure have been a contributing factor to all the fun I’ve had on the course.

(I’m also a better golfer now than I used to be.)

So, are used Srixon golf balls right for you too?

You are soon to find out.

  • Used Srixon Soft Feel golf balls

The balls I’ve played the most over the last seasons are the used Srixon Soft Feel golf balls. 

Among all the models from a wide array of brands, the Srixon golf balls Soft Feel have really given me something little extra to my golf. Read my Srixon Soft Feel review to find out what it is. 

  • What is compression of Srixon Soft Feel?

The ball has a 60 compression and I’ve experienced a nice high flight with the Soft Feel in my long game and I think it lives up to its name. I get a soft feeling and even the sound is very soft.

  • Is Srixon Soft Feel a low spin ball?

There are balls on the market that give you both more and less spin than the Soft Feel. 

I’ve played just as good with the Soft Feel as I’ve done with more expensive balls. With its 60 compression it gives me that soft sound feedback when I hit it and that’s something I enjoy to hear when playing.

  • What is the cover on the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball?

The Soft Feel cover is made from Ionomer and it's only 0.063-inches thick.

  • Srixon golf balls Z Star review

I haven’t seen any review on used Srixon Z Star golf balls and I haven’t played the Z Star enough to write one. But you can read this excellent Z Star review by My Golf Spy.

  • Used Srixon Q Star golf balls

The Srixon golf balls Q Star are nice. 

I’ve played a few rounds on used Q Star balls. But once again, with my skills I can’t really benefit from a ball like this even though I can see better players can. 

Yes, used Srixon Q Star tour golf balls are good for high handicappers as well, but my absolute favorite Srixon ball is the Soft Feel.

  • Is Srixon Q Star a 3-piece ball?

The Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball has the FastLayer core and it’s a 3-piece ball. The FastLayer core is soft in the center of the ball and then gradually becomes firmer for great feel. You will also get a good ball and distance with the Q Star.

  • Which is better - Srixon Z Star or Q-STAR?

There is a difference between Srixon Q Star and Z Star even if you don’t consider price.

The Z Star is a premium golf ball and has a three-piece construction with a Urethane cover. The Q Star golf ball is a two-piece ball with an Ionomer cover.

  • What golf ball compares with Srixon Q Star?

Some say that the ball flight and the way they spin are about the same when you compare the TaylorMade Tour Response and Srixon Q-Star Tour. They both have mid-high launch and low spin rate.

  • Is Srixon Q Star the same as AD333?

I don’t know if you read the specifications for each ball you play, but if you do, you’ll find that the Q Star is about the same as AD333. This means that the Q Star is basically a new AD333. 

I know that some say the Q Star is a bit softer and maybe easier to stop than the AD333, but I haven’t been able to tell the difference. The reason for this might be that I’ve played the AD333 more than I’ve played the Q Star. 

(Or my touch just isn’t good enough.) 

  • Used Srixon AD333 golf balls

I've played quite a lot with used AD333 balls in the past and with good results. The Srixon AD333 is a great ball for the average golfer. It has a lower compression than most balls, so it feels softer off the tee and on putts.

  • What is the difference between Srixon AD333 and Soft Feel?

A difference between the Soft Feel and the AD333 golf balls is their respective prices. The AD333s are cheaper than Soft Feels which means they're probably more popular. 

  • Other used Srixon golf balls

I’ve also played other used balls, such as:




What I can say is that I prefer softer feel golf balls, but other than that I haven’t played any of these enough to have an opinion.

  • Srixon divide golf balls review

I’ve seen used Srixon divide golf balls but doubt I will ever buy them in bulk even if I would find Srixon divide golf balls for sale.

I’m not a fan of Srixon golf balls divide, even though it’s been fun to play with them every now and then. I haven’t played the Srixon Z-Star divide ball, but I have played a few rounds with the Srixon Q-Star Tour divide ball. 

Used Srixon yellow golf balls isn’t a personal favorite either, nor the orange balls. But divide golf balls as well as yellow and orange balls sure are easy to find in the rough.

My conclusion is that I can see why golfers play divide golf balls, but it’s not for me. I prefer the traditional golf ball and I think the main reason is that neon colored golf balls don’t harmonize with the nature surrounding the golf course.

Srixon Q Star Tour divideIt’s not that golf doesn’t excite me, it's that I don't get why they use divide golf balls.

Used Srixon Golf Balls Deals

Once in a while you can find deals like Srixon golf balls Buy 2 Get 1 Free but those are rare, just like you’re not very likely to find Srixon golf balls on sale.

But this is where you can benefit from used Srixon golf balls from some of the online sites dealing with cheaper used golf balls. 

Many golfers, myself included, rely on these used golf balls websites where we can buy good balls much cheaper than in the pro shop. Sometimes I find used Srixon golf balls for sale on these sites and that makes me smile.

Are Used Srixon Golf Balls Good?

Golf balls are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any golfer's bag. Golf balls can be purchased at a variety of prices and with a variety of features.

The Srixon golf ball is designed for golfers who want to hit the ball straighter, longer, and more accurately than ever before.

When you play used Srixon golf balls, here’s what you get:

  • Good golf balls.

  • You have balls to play golf with and it's cheaper to buy used Srixon golf balls than to buy new balls.

  • You can play golf cheaper when you buy used Srixon golf balls.

  • You don't have to be afraid of losing balls, since you can afford to lose a few during a round when you buy used Srixon golf balls.

  • Golf becomes more fun when you can just play another cheap used ball and don't have to spend time looking for a sliced ball in the rough.

  • You will find golf more relaxing and fun when you play on used Srixon golf balls as compared to playing on more expensive golf balls that hurt when you send them out of bounds. 

Srixon golf balls are a great option for any golfer. They are not just good for the price, but they are also high quality.

The best thing about Srixon golf balls is that they have a wide range of options. You can get them in all different colors, sizes and prices. Whether you are looking for the cheapest Srixon golf balls or the most expensive ones, you will be able to find them with ease.

You will feel that you belong in the golfing community when you play on used Srixon golf balls, because they can make you relax and look like a golfer.

You can afford to lose golf balls when you play with used Srixon golf balls, because they are cheaper and give you peace of mind not having to overpay on new golf balls.

You can enjoy golf more when playing on used Srixon golf balls, because they are good balls that will give you a nice feeling on the course.

Are you ready to play used Srixon golf balls? 

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