Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Review

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf balls are the perfect partner for any golfer looking to achieve a consistent, soft feel with each shot.

Trusted by beginners and everyday players alike, these golf balls are engineered for more velocity and enhanced greenside performance.

We all love playing golf, but where do we go to play the game?

  • Stop struggling on the course.

Check out Wilson's popular golf ball - the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft. The company has created a golf ball to meet the needs of everyday golfers.

  • Experience the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft ball for yourself. 

Achieve lower scores, straighter drives, and more control with Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf balls. 

  • I’ve taken the ball for a test.

Read my Wilson Staff DX2 Soft review below, then take your game to the next level with DX2 Soft golf balls.

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf ballI had never played with the DX2 Soft golf balls before. I'm not a huge fan of the Wilson brand. But when I tried them out, wow!

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Balls

I had never played with the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf balls before just recently and I’m not a huge fan of the Wilson brand. 

But I found a DX2 Soft golf ball in my bag and it must have been a ball I found and then left in my bag.

It was at the beginning of the season. 

I counted on losing a few balls during my round and I wasn’t dialed in, so I decided to tee off with my newly found Wilson Staff DX2 Soft.

And I’m glad I did, because…

If you're looking for golf balls that are easy to hit, have a soft feel, and have a long flight trajectory, you'll love the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf balls. 

I was surprised to learn:

They're great for golfers with my skill level and can be used for both casual and competitive play.

You can expect a great experience with the Wilson DX2 Soft, which has been designed for the most demanding players' needs.

With its low compression and high launch angle, these balls will make any weekend golfer's game better.

Read on and I will tell you what I experienced during a round that I will remember for a long time…

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Test

I took the DX2 Soft golf ball for a test on the golf course.

I’m surprised by what Wilson Staff DX2 Soft gave me and I had a lot of fun playing.

These golf balls have a low compression of 29.

You'll experience a soft feel and improved playability, as well as improved control.

The carefully calculated pattern on the ball promotes low driver spin, better flight trajectory, and long distance performance.

And I’m not the only one who enjoys playing with the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft…

What did I learn?

Well, here comes the good part.

Wilson DX2 Soft Review

The round of golf I played was a pleasant one.

It was the kind of round where everything felt good, from how I struck the ball to the talk me and my buddies had. 

Read on for my Wilson DX2 review…

  • The Drives 

I hit 80% of my tee shots excellently (by my measurements) with the DX2 Soft golf ball. It was one of those days when it feels good on the tee. The Wilson Staff DX2 Soft really had a nice feel to it.

  • The Irons 

The fairways were a bit wet and I didn’t hit it very clean, so there were quite a few fat shots and those never felt good. 

But when I struck it well, the DX2 had a nice soft feel to it and I got good ball flight and distance. 

Sometimes I felt like a tour player…

  • The Wedges

There are better golfers than me from 100 yards and in, and normal for me is to hit 1 out of 3 wedges fat. That doesn’t feel good whatever ball you are playing. 

But I play for my good shots and those are the ones I talk about afterwards. 

1 fat out of 3 means I hit 2 out of 3 good. And when I hit it well the ball really felt good with a nice soft feel to it and good distance control.

  • The Putts

I putted well with the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft. 

It was probably my best putting round so far for the season without a single brutal putt. 

I sunk both short putts and long ones and the others stopped nicely close to the hole, leaving me with a few one-putts and only a single three-putt for the round.

  • The Joy of Play

The Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf ball gave me a round of happiness.

My swing felt good, my buddies were fun and the DX2 Soft gave me confidence. In total it was a round of golf that left me with a feel of joy after the last putt was sunk on the 18th.

Is this what you will get from the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft? 

Watch this review to learn more…

Can this be what you are looking for? 

It’s a golf ball that has a only twenty-nine compression and is a two piece ball that feels 25% softer than many other soft golf balls.

The Wilson DX2 Soft is the perfect ball for players struggling with their distance, looking to get a few more yards out of each stroke when they hit the ball. 

If you are looking for an affordable soft golf ball that won't break the bank, the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft is a great option.

But is it the right soft ball for you?

Wilson DX2 Soft vs Callaway Supersoft

I’ve played with both the DX2 Soft golf ball and the Callaway Supersoft and I have enjoyed them both on the course.

  • The Wilson DX2 Soft golf ball is a great ball for players who don't want to sacrifice feel and performance, but still need a softer feeling ball.

  • The Callaway Supersoft is a great ball for those who want the best of both worlds - distance and feel.

  • The Wilson DX2 Soft golf ball is not designed to give you the same performance as the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, but with a softer feeling. 

  • The Callaway Supersoft is not designed for maximum distance and gives you that soft feeling that you are looking for in your golf balls.

I guess some golfers do prefer the Callaway Supersoft, but I am indifferent to whether I play with the DX2 Soft or the Supersoft. They have both given me about the same result on the golf course.

But there's more. 

Final Thoughts On Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Balls 

So you wanna be a pro golfer? 

Well, you've come to the wrong place.

And if you want to be a pro golfer, then it’s definitely not for you. 

But for those who just want to enjoy a round of golf with their friends, on your own time without the pressure and without any crazy expenses, then this is just what you need! 

The Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf balls are perfect for beginners and weekend warriors, because of what you get from playing with it. 

  • It is not too hard, nor is it too soft. 

The most important thing with a golf ball is that it has to be a perfect balance so that you can get the most out of your game. This makes the ball easy to hit and it holds up when it needs to, because it has been designed that way by Wilson.

  • Feel confident in your game with these balls.
  • They're good for long distance and low spin.
  • You'll find it easier to control the ball and get better playability.

Do soft golf balls make a difference?

Golf balls like the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft makes a difference to me in the way I experience the game. I enjoy a soft feel when I strike the ball and I don’t get the same feeling from non-soft golf balls.

But are there other balls than the Wilson DX2 Soft that can give you that same feeling when playing? 

Yes, there are. 

Take a look at my other golf ball reviews on your quest to find the perfect golf ball.

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