From Over the Top to Ease - Enjoying Every Round of Golf I'm Fortunate to Play

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This is my story and contribution to golf…

All my life have been about sports, having played all kinds since I was a kid. But I didn’t begin with golf until my upper teens (which are now many years ago).

I was never good at golf when I played in my younger days and I didn’t know how to swing the club. I don’t even think that I enjoyed the game even though I appreciated the buddy-go-golfing part of it.

Life, as for so many others, parted me from the game for many years. Education, family, work, kids…

But when I got to pick up the clubs again there was a huge spark.

I fell in love with the game and I have never looked back, enjoying every second of it when I..

  • Practice by myself at the range on a rainy day
  • Play a fourball with the boys
  • Play with new people that I’m fortunate to play with for the first time
  • Put a few clubs in my Sunday Carry and play as many holes as I can before it gets dark

As you understand I'm not a professional, nor a coach that teaches anyone how to swing the club. 

When I have thoughts on how friends and playing partners come down over the top or how they place their hands on the club, I keep it to myself. Hopefully they decide to take lessons with a professional at some point, so that they can get the most out of the time they put into the game. 

I understand how much there is to the game and how good the better players are, but that doesn’t take away the joy from a weekend golfer like myself. 

Golf’s been good to me. I’ve got to meet a lot of new and interesting people, made good friends and I’ve learned to swing the club in a decent way (haven’t found the secret yet, though).

I’ve improved my game a lot through my own eagerness to learn, from a lot of books, hours on the practice area and through professional one-on-one lessons as well as online courses. I’m proud of how I swing the club today, even though I would like to hit ‘em like Hogan did.

It's been a journey, not just on the course but in life as well. And just like Mr Hogan tells us about “smell the roses”, I do just that and I’m thankful. Because one day I can walk that fairway no longer. 

The best for a beginner is to seek the help of a professional. Many do, but many also turn to random swing tips from a variety of online coaches. Hopefully my story can cut through some of the noise, put you at ease and shorten your learning curve through the lessons I’ve learned. 

With all I’ve been through, I think I can help you get there sooner by pointing you in the right direction.

As I mentioned before, golf’s been good to me. This site is my way of paying it forward to you for a lifetime in golf.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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