The Best Beginner Golf Clubs for New Golfers

Are you a beginner golfer who wants to find the perfect golf clubs, but don't have the knowledge on where to buy clubs. 

Then this is the article for you!

As a beginner golfer you have to find the perfect golf clubs for your needs. But it can be hard to make a decision when it comes to perfect clubs for beginners. 

  • There are many types of golf clubs to choose from, including both cheap and expensive sets.

Don't make the same mistake as many beginner golfers and buy the wrong clubs. We've all been there and it’s a frustrating experience on the course. The right set of clubs can take your game to a whole new level!

Any beginner golfer can find the perfect golf clubs by learning where to buy clubs and how to choose, because with the best golf clubs for beginners you will enjoy your game on the course more than ever before. 

With the best golf clubs for a beginner you feel that you:

  • Belong with other golfers.
  • Play a game of golf that makes you proud (or at least not embarrassed).

But finding the best golf clubs isn’t that easy...

With so many manufacturers, it's hard to know which to choose! 

You need to take into account your swing characteristics, your height and weight, as well as any specific needs you have for your game.

You want high-quality golf clubs that will be a perfect match for your needs, so choosing them can feel overwhelming. This article will help you learn where to buy and how to choose golf clubs for beginners.

  • I have made it my mission to make your decision easier. 

I know how frustrating it can be when you don't know where to buy golf clubs and how to choose the best set, because I speak from experience. That is why I wrote this article - I aim to give you the information you need in order to find the perfect golf clubs for yourself!

  • Find out more about where and how to buy golf golfs and how to choose the best.

With right beginner golf clubs, you'll never have to worry about struggling again on the course. Whether you have a full swing or prefer a short stroke, there are multiple club sets for you from all different price ranges.

After reading this article, you'll be able to find the best golf clubs for beginners and enjoy your time on the course more than ever before. 

What are you waiting for? 

Read on!

Find your perfect golf club today with this guide on where to buy golf and what to look for in the best beginner's golf club set. 

Pick up a set of beginners' set of golf clubs today and start regaining your love for the game!

Male golfer with iron club and orange pantsLooking for new golf clubs? You always want to play with the best. That is the nature of a golfer.

What Are The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners?

We always want to play with the best golf clubs, that is the nature of a golfer. 

This is true for me and it’s true for you. 

Even Ben Hogan wrote about it in his book.

But we all have restraints…

I don’t know about you, but most golfers go through this process every second year or so:

  • How much are golf clubs?
  • Where to buy golf clubs?
  • What are the best cheap beginner golf clubs?

Some of us settle with basic golf clubs as beginners, but buying clubs is a process even for beginners. 

  • I want the best clubs to help me improve my game. 
  • Ladies want the best women's beginner golf clubs to improve their game.
  • You want the best golf clubs available to help your ball striking.

It can be confusing, but…

Any beginner golfer can find the perfect golf clubs by learning where to buy them and how to choose, because with the best golf clubs for beginners you will enjoy your game on the course more than ever before. 

Let’s start small...

How Many Golf Clubs Can You Have In Your Bag

For a beginner there are many questions related to the clubs. I don’t know about you, but maybe you too think about what clubs you should carry in your bag and more.

Personally I remember the days when I had questions like this on my mind:

Those days are long gone, but I’m constantly thinking about what club to buy next. Always dreaming about that one club that will improve my golf game one step further…

Do you know how many golf clubs there are in a set and how many golf clubs you can have in your bag?

The answer is that you are basically allowed to have a maximum of fourteen golf clubs in your bag if you are playing a round under the official rules of golf. Fourteen clubs are quite a few and many weekend warriors can actually do just fine with less clubs in their bag.

What about you, do you need a full set of clubs in your bag?

Man buying new golf clubGranted, you know your fair share about golf clubs. You’ve probably tried them all, but there are new models and better clubs being made every year.

How To Buy Golf Clubs

You want the best beginner golf clubs for your game, and there are many places where you can buy them. But you have to know what clubs are best for you.

The supply is huge and it can be confusing for a beginner golfer...

  • You have all the big golf club brands for beginners selling their clubs.

  • You have the major brands selling their preowned golf clubs.

  • You have the private market selling used golf clubs for beginners.

I used to believe that buying new golf clubs was always better, but I no longer believe that to be true in all cases. See this article on who buys used golf clubs and then take a moment to reflect on where you stand in this issue.

Let’s move to your next step…

Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners

Choosing golf clubs for beginners isn't easy

Even though you know a lot about golf clubs, there are always new models and the latest technology and people that know more than you.

  • So, how do you choose a great beginner golf club set?

There a much to think about, often too much, and these are some of the questions I used to ask myself:

  • How to choose golf clubs?
  • How to size golf clubs?
  • How to pick golf clubs?

The answer is often custom golf club fitting to find decent golf clubs for beginners.


  • What is golf club fitting?

Read this article to learn more about golf club fitting and how to fit golf clubs. 

With the knowledge you get from custom fitting you will also be able to find the best used beginner golf clubs on the used market.

Most often this is the answer you are looking for...

Male golfer in white pants with wood clubGolf is not about the last shot. It’s about all of them. If you're new to the game, remember that it takes time, patience, and custom fitted clubs to improve your golf game.

Beginner Golf Club Set Reviews

When you take a custom club fitting your local golf pro will hook you up with a set that is a good match for you. The benefit of a club fitting is that you don’t have to think about what set is good for beginners since the pro will give you all the numbers.

  • Is it worth getting fitted for golf clubs as a beginner?

The answer is a huge YES.

A custom club fitting is always worth it no matter your skill level on the course. The better players will get an edge and the beginners will get clubs that make the game more fun to play.

  • How much should a beginner pay for golf clubs?

This is totally up to you and depends on what you like to pay for your next set of clubs. You can find both cheap and expensive clubs that will help you improve your golf game and give you more fun and enjoyable rounds on the course.

  • What is a good inexpensive set of golf clubs?

First, I would ask my local pro. He or she knows what a good inexpensive set of golf clubs is for you. A good pro like fitting the beginner golfer with the right clubs more than selling expensive clubs that aren’t a good match to you.

Second, if the pro way isn’t for you, I would turn to online reviews of beginner golf sets. You can learn a lot by reading these reviews and they will help you find clubs that suit you. Just bear in mind though that many sites try selling you clubs more than they try to help you.

How To Choose The Best Golf Set For Beginners - When choosing a golf set, it's important to find one that fits your budget. But don't sacrifice quality for price – make sure you're getting good value for your money.

Let’s sum it up...


Even a total beginner can easily find the best golf clubs for people starting out. All it takes is some research on where to buy golf clubs and what to look for in a starter set. 

By investing in a good beginner's set you'll be able to enjoy your game instead of dreading it like before.

When finding the best golf clubs, you will have a set that you can play with for years to come as long as you take good care of them. You should also learn how to regrip golf clubs since they can become slippery after a year or two.

Just imagine how great it feels to have your custom fitted set of golf clubs. Whenever you close your eyes, you can feel the excitement of walking onto the tee on a warm summer’s day and feeling your grip on the club – getting ready to hit that perfect shot – and knowing you’re using the best equipment possible.

You can get rid of all your problems in an instant by booking an appointment today for a custom golf club fitting. They will take care of all the details for you, ensuring that your game is optimized and you're playing with the best clubs.

If you want different results on the golf course, you need to do something different. 

Make a decision right now to get new clubs.

After all, you deserve nothing less than the best golf clubs for your game…

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