Golf: Where to Start in Golf

If you’re new to the game of golf, know that you’re not alone.

There are many new golfers who have been bitten by the bug and are looking to learn how to play. No matter your level of experience, understanding the basics of the game is important if you want to improve your skills and lower your score.

Here’s the scenario: 

You’re a beginner golfer, but you want to become a great golfer. 

What do you do? 

If you’re like most golfers, you set out to improve your swing, your mechanics, or your distance. But all of those things are secondary to something far more important.

Golf is a game that has been played for hundreds of years, it’s a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone age 5 to 105. Golf is one of the few sports that you can play for a lifetime and improve your game. Golf is a great way to stay healthy, get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

If you’ve been thinking about golf, but have been hesitant to make the jump, then it’s time you start. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and can be very affordable. You can get started on a limited budget and still have a great time. 

This article goes over everything you need to know to get started.

How Do You Golf For The First Time?

It’s a sport that’s been around for centuries, but it’s not one that all people have played. In fact, golf has an undeserved reputation for being too difficult or expensive to play. In reality, the game is simple enough for anyone to pick up.

You’re probably thinking, “golf - where to start?”

I mean, how hard can it be? 

It’s just a few different movements, right? 


Maybe not. 

If you’re a complete beginner, then you might be surprised at how much golfing can involve. Golfing isn’t just about swinging the club and making contact with the ball.

Golf is often considered one of the most difficult sports to learn. At the same time, it’s a sport that’s enjoyed by people of all ages and skill sets. One of the major draws of the sport is that it’s a lifetime activity, meaning that you can play it at any age — no matter your athletic ability.

Different ways to start golfingGolf isn’t just for the Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmers of the world — it’s for everyone! No matter the age or skill set, all you need is a love for the game and the ability to keep a straight line

What Is Needed To Start Golfing?

Interested in learning how to play golf? You can start by learning the basics, including how to pick your first golf club set, how to swing a golf club, how to dress for a round of golf, and more.

Read on to learn more about what it takes to start playing golf.

Golf may be a sport that is easy to play for everyone, but it is not a sport that is easy to learn. It takes a lot of practice to be able to master all the shots that are needed in the game. Here are some things that you will need to start golfing.

Golfing is a great sport to get into. It’s a lot of fun and also helps you get in shape. If you want to start golfing, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right equipment.

  • If you’ve never golfed before, it can be hard to know what equipment you need to buy.

  • You’ll definitely need the right golf clubs for your height and weight. 

If you want to go golfing, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right golf clubs. The first thing you’ll want to do is to get fitted for clubs. This will ensure that you get the right length of clubs for your height.

What Is The Best Age To Start Golf?

If you’ve ever watched golf on television, you’ve probably noticed that the players look like they’re having a blast. If you’ve ever considered taking up the sport yourself, you might have thought that there’s no better time than now to start golf.

Playing golf is a great way to relax, get away from life’s stresses and have some fun with friends. It’s also a sport that can be enjoyed throughout your life, as there is a learning curve to overcome regardless of your age.

If you've ever considered taking up golf, you may have wondered what age is the best to begin. It's not an easy question to answer because it depends on so many factors.

The best age to start golfing is if you begin as a child. When you are a child it is easier to learn and implement new motions to your body and brain. This is true for all sports and if you wish to reach the pro rank, the sooner you start with golf the better it is.


I guess you’re not a young child dreaming of becoming the new Tiger Woods.

To you the answer is - start golfing today!

  • You have the ability to learn how to swing a golf club.

  • You have the ability to improve your golf game for years to come.

  • You will be able to enjoy the great game of golf together with your friends for years to come.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Golfing?

It’s a great form of exercise and a great way to spend time with friends and family. 

However, it can be expensive to get started.

Unless you have an experienced golfer to show you the ropes your first time out, it’s best to go with somebody who has been around the game for a little longer to get the most out of your first few rounds.

Most people know that golf is an expensive sport to play, and that is why it is referred to as a ‘rich man’s sport’. But the question on everyone’s mind is, just how much does it cost to start playing golf?

It might seem like a lot of money to start golfing, but you only have to buy a few things to get started. Golf clubs can be expensive, but if you buy used clubs, you can save money. 

The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment in order to get started, and the more you spend on your gear, the better you will be able to play.

It doesn't take a lot to start golfing, but it can definitely add up. If you're looking for a cheaper way to hit the links, consider renting clubs at the public golf course near you.

Which Golf Club To Use For Beginners?

Golf is an exciting and rewarding sport. 

It might take a while to learn the basics and to get decent at it, but the feeling of hitting that perfect shot is truly amazing. As a beginner golfer it can be difficult to know which golf club to use for each shot on the golf course.

  • What golf club should a beginner start with?

Choosing the right golf club can be overwhelming for a beginner. There are so many different kinds of golf clubs out there, and it can be difficult to know which club to start with and when.

Choosing the right golf club for beginners is a huge decision. It could mean the difference between having a great time on the course or struggling to get around.

When you have begun playing golf, which club to use will come natural for you. If you sign up for beginner group lessons you will also get tips from the coach and your new playing partners.

What club to use also depends on your skill level. Beginners and pro players can use a completely different club when hitting a golf shot from the same location on the course. 

How To Start The Downswing?

Every golfer is looking for tips on how to start the downswing, and how to start your golf swing right. The truth is, there are many different ways to get to the same destination, which is a quality golf swing.

When you can answer this question you have the answer to one of the biggest secrets in golf. People have been searching for it for years.

The answer is that there are many different ways to get to the same destination. The thing about the golf swing is that it’s a very organic motion, and there are many different ways to get to that destination.

  • According to some golfers, a golf swing begins with your hips. If you move your hips first, your body and your arms will follow. 

  • According to others, the downswing starts with your arms. If you move your arms first, your body will follow.

My recommendation is that you ask your coach where to start next time you have a golf lesson.

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