How To Get Into Golf If You're A Beginner

So, thinking about how to get into golf...?

You’ve come to the right place.

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Some years ago I was in your shoes (hm?), trying to figure out how to get into golf after a long time away from the game. I’m forever thankful to the people I’ve come to know and the lessons I’ve learned.

This is my way of paying it forward and I hope you decide to come along...

I will put you at ease on your journey to a wonderful world of golf so that you can feel comfortable, relaxed and unembarrassed when you walk the fairway of life alongside old and new friends.

How To Get Into Golf

Getting into golf means different things for different people, and I guess you are either a total beginner or a golfer returning to the game that life parted you from…

Either way, I got you covered… You won’t regret getting into golf (again).

Female golfer with driver on teeThe tee time is waiting for you, get out there and play!

Beginner Golfer?

You may or may not have a lot of sports experience. You are thinking about picking up golf that might be one of the most challenging sports you can come up with. I might not even be your idea, this playing golf thing!?

Feeling overwhelmed with those nagging questions you are too afraid to ask? The complicated rules? The different clubs and when to use them? Not understanding the phony language all golfers seem to speak?

We’ll get you there...

It’s not that hard though and you are not aiming for a professional career in golf. Even though it can feel overwhelming it’s not. One small step at a time and a new world will soon appear in front of you.

I’ll show you, just tag along. There will be rewards you aren’t even aware of yet...

Returning Golfer?

You played the game before. You know what it’s all about. Then life took golf away from you - education, family, work, kids etc.

What you know now is that you want to get back into golf!

You are not alone - many of us return to this wonderful game after a few years break, myself included and I haven’t regretted it for a second.

What’s Your Drive?

We all turn to the game from different paths in life and with different experience and level of previous play. But there’s one thing we all have in common (weekend warriors and low-handicappers alike):

We search for the tools needed to develop a more repeatable golf swing, to develop a better consistency when striking the ball, to eliminate anxiety and to learn a proper swing that will shave strokes off our score...

  • Are you searching for the secret to the perfect golf swing?

  • Are you looking for that last piece of knowledge that will shave strokes off your score?

  • Do you want to make it work big time and improve beyond measure?

Male golfer with iron on fairwayThe most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.

What’s The Secret To A Perfect Swing?

That’s the million dollar question we all are searching for when we place our hands on the club…

I think you too have had moments when you've been pretty sure you’re on to something - those rounds when the swing sequence feels smooth and you make solid contact…

…and next round experience that there is nothing smooth at all when you swing the club and the balls go all places except where you want them to go and you promise yourself never to play golf again…

“They call it golf because all the other four-letter words were taken.” 

- Ray Floyd

Now Is The Right Time For You To Get Into Golf

Once you are past the initial learning curve and have acquired the knowledge needed, you have the rest of your life ahead of you with good friends and happiness on the golf course.
And that journey begins with your next step...

You will get the opportunity to spend time in beautiful environments and to grow your social connections. And you will also grow as an individual as you learn more and your swing improves.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to play the game of golf though. In fact, many aren’t due to financial and physical limitations. And that is something to keep in mind when you walk the course...

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.”

- Ben Hogan

Now is the right time for you to take the next step. There will be rewards at the end of the tunn… eh, 18th.

You might say that you only play golf for the fun of it and because it’s a social activity that gives you exercise, but once we’re into golf, we all want to improve our swing and lower our score.

This is true for you too!

I didn’t have a background in golf and nobody to show me the way. I had to dig it out of the dirt all by myself.

So, What Was The Solution?

(And, even more importantly, what didn’t work.)

What I finally found after years of trial and error is a system of activities and steps that should help you learn how to get into golf fast and with ease. I have it all written down in the 7 Steps To Fast-Track Your Golf Game and you can access it for FREE when you sign up for the Golfeaser Newsletter Series....

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Sign up for the FREE Golfeaser Newsletter Series!

You’ll get articles and tips as well as occasional Newsletter updates to help you get into golf with ease.

You also get access to the 7 Steps To Fast-Track Your Golf Game...

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