Ben Hogan's Power Golf Book Review 

This is a review of the Ben Hogan Power Golf book and you sure don’t want to miss out on this gem...

  • For almost a century, Ben Hogan was a legend in golf. 

His name is synonymous with power and precision. 

And his iconic book, Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, has benefited tens of thousands of golfers worldwide. 

  • But do you know everything about this master's teachings? 

Many golfers are familiar with Mr Hogan, but have you read the Ben Hogan Power Golf book? 

This article can help you decide if you should pick up a copy of Ben Hogan's Power Golf.

  • Have you read the Ben Hogan Power Golf book yet?

This is his first book, written and published before Five Lessons and based on Hogan’s swing thoughts at the time. If you want to study Mr Hogan’s legendary golf swing, this is where your journey begins...

(Yes, I would love to have the Ben Hogan Power Golf first edition as well, but I can’t afford it.)

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced golfer, this book will help you improve your game. 

It’s based on proven fundamentals that will help you improve your swing.

You can see with your own eyes...

Ben Hogan Power Golf Swing

Let’s begin by taking a look at Mr Hogan himself and his power swing in action…

Quite impressive, isn’t it? 

And beautiful.

I would love to be able to swing the club like Mr Hogan, I can tell you that! 

After all, this book tells you Championship Secrets From a Golf Legend...

The Ben Hogan Power Golf Book

Here’s the outline of Power Golf and a few comments on what Mr Hogan will teach you…

The book starts out with acknowledgments, dedication and foreword. Usually I don’t read these parts of a book, but this book is different.

The dedication gives you the story on how Henry Picard gave a financial promise to provide security to Mr Hogan when he was struggling early on in his career. Ben never called him on the promise, but Picard’s promise made a difference at the time…

In the foreword Ed Dudely, former president of the Professional Golfers Association, puts some perspective on the greatness of Mr Hogan… This gave me the chills.

In the Power Golf introduction Hogan told me there is no such thing as a born golfer. From there on I haven’t been able to put the book down.

The illustrations in the Ben Hogan Power Golf book are not the same as the classic ones in his later Five Lessons book, but they are still very interesting to study.

Now, let’s dig deeper…

Ben Hogan Power Golf book cover

Chapter 1 - Evolution of the Hogan Grip

Did you know that he first started playing golf left-handed? Hard to believe, but true… 

  • Have you ever given the importance of the grip much thought? 
  • After this chapter you will understand how important the grip is to a golf swing.
  • How do you place your hands on the club?

“No novice golfer should experiment with his grip...” Learn why on page 6.

Chapter 2 - Clubs... Selection and Use

You will recognize yourself in this chapter. Always on the lookout for new clubs that will improve your game, aren’t you?

(Spoiler: You're not alone.)

After reading this chapter you will have made a mental reference in your head about the importance of a custom golf club fitting. In order for you to improve your swing and score, you need to have clubs you are comfortable playing with.

It’s also in this chapter Ben Hogan tells you how you can benefit from your own yardage chart. This is something we all should have and he gives you an example of what a yardage chart can look like. After this it will be easy for you to make your own distance chart for all your clubs.  

Chapter 3 - Stance Gives You Balance

I’ve never given this much thought before I read Mr Hogan’s words.

You will think about the importance of a correct foot-work to a golf swing after having read Ben Hogan's swing thoughts on stance and balance. Maybe you too will think tripod from now on when standing over your next shot on the golf course...

He also discusses different lengths of the stance to different clubs, but I make a better connection to the stance from the Five Lessons book.

Chapter 4 - The Full Swing - broken down into The Backswing and The Downswing

This chapter gave me a new perspective…

Mr Hogan talks about The Crossroads of Golf and say:

“Should you make a wrong turn at either of these crossroads there is nothing but disaster ahead.”

Are you making a wrong turn?

Chapter 5 - Turning on the Power - broken down into Wood Shots for Distance

Yes, I recognize myself here.

Mr Hogan says golfers are distance-minded, even us weekend warriors.

Are you distance-minded? 

I bet you are! 

His advice is to go ahead and hit the ball as hard as you can, even if (or especially if) you are a beginner golfer.

First I thought this piece of advice was weird. But the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. He says you can straighten out your shots later on, and I think he’s right...

Chapter 6 - Iron Shots for Accuracy - broken down into Pitch and Chip Shots and Variations

Yes, we take pride in our tee shots!

But our iron-, pitch- and chip shots are equally important for a good score.

This chapter will teach you how to think on the golf course when you step off the tee.


Chapter 7 - Putting

Mr Hogan expands his thoughts on why there’s no reason an average player can’t putt reasonably well since it’s basically about rolling the ball over the surface with a gentle but firm stroke.

I’ve been asking myself this very same question over and over when I three putt. Because it happens. Too often. 

Further he explains how he putts with his arms, hands and wrists and not with his shoulders.

I find this chapter very interesting and useful.

Chapter 8 - Bunker Shots Are Easy

Do you agree that bunker shots are the easiest shots in golf?

You don’t even have to hit the ball.

I don’t know if bunker shots are the easiest golf shots as stated in Power Golf, but this chapter has surely helped my sand play...

Chapter 9 - Uphill and Downhill Shots

If you are used to playing on a flat golf course, then you know how difficult it can be when you are faced with a downhill or uphill shot.

In this chapter Mr Hogan offers you some good tips and knowledge for becoming more consistent in your swing when facing difficult lies.

Do you know how to think and adapt when the ball is below and above your feet?

Chapter 10 - Stormy Weather Golf - broken down into Rain and Storm and Wind Shots

You don’t have to grow up in Texas to feel the urge to handle golf shots in windy conditions. Knowing how to hit shots when the wind blows is useful to you even if you live in another part of the world too.

I became a better golfer after practicing what Hogan teaches in this chapter. Being able to shape the trajectory of a golf shot is a great feeling… And it helps you shoot a lower score. 

Can you imagine playing Carnoustie without being able to adapt for the wind? 

Chapter 11 - Now, It's Up to You - broken down into Match Play Golf, Eight Hints on and How To Lower Your Score

This is my favorite chapter in the Ben Hogan Power Golf book, especially the section with eight hints to lower your score.

Here Mr Hogan will teach you what it takes to become a golfer.

It’s like the name of the chapter…

Now, it’s up to you!

(From here on forward, you can make no excuses for yourself.)


Let’s sum up this Ben Hogan Power Golf book review…

Reading this book will give you a greater understanding of the game of golf and necessarily insight on how to execute a proper and repeatable power golf swing. It’s like having Ben Hogan giving you a private golf swing lesson...


The Power Golf book is a good supplement to Five Lessons because it offers ideas and instruction on some of the areas that Five Lessons does not address, such as putting, for example. I would advise first reading Five Lessons to learn the basics, and then opening up your game with Power Golf.

I love reading this book. 

It's perfect for me because golf is my game and it helps me improve my skills. I've been using it for years, and it would have helped me progress better if I had discovered it earlier.

Is the Ben Hogan Power Golf book worth your money?

Oh yes! Very much so.


What is the Ben Hogan's "Power Golf" book?

"Power Golf" is a book written by professional golfer Ben Hogan in 1948. The book focuses on teaching golfers how to generate more power and distance in their shots by focusing on the proper mechanics of the golf swing. The book includes detailed explanations, illustrations, and photographs of Hogan's swing, as well as exercises and drills to help golfers improve their swing.

What are the main concepts covered in the book?

The main concepts covered in the book include:

  • The importance of proper grip, stance, and alignment in generating power.
  • The importance of using the whole body, including the legs and hips, in the golf swing to generate power.
  • The importance of having a proper backswing and follow-through in generating power.
  • The importance of visualization and mental preparation in the golf swing.
  • The importance of practice and repetition in mastering the golf swing.

What are some key takeaways from the book?

Some key takeaways from the book include:

  • The importance of proper fundamentals in the golf swing, such as grip, stance, and alignment.
  • The importance of using the whole body in the golf swing to generate power.
  • The importance of visualizing and mentally preparing for shots.
  • The importance of practice and repetition in mastering the golf swing.

Is the book only suitable for advanced golfers or is it good for beginners?

The book is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, but it is geared more towards intermediate and advanced players who have a good understanding of the basics of the golf swing. However, beginner golfers can still benefit from reading the book and understanding the concepts and principles that Hogan outlines.

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