Ben Hogan Stories Every Golf Fan Should Know

Are you looking for inspiration as a golfer? 

I am a huge fan of the Ben Hogan story. 

If you’re not yet a fan, you will be one soon...

  • It’s a story of a guy who worked his way up from nothing and through persistence and hard work became the best golfer of all time. 

  • It’s a story of love and loss, and it’s ultimately a story of the power of hard work.

There are many inspiring golfers in the history of the sport. But Ben Hogan is among the most inspirational because of how he overcame his severe injuries. 

Mr Hogan is almost universally admired as a golfing legend, but his life story — both before and after his meteoric rise to fame — is anything but straightforward.

  • The man known as "The Hawk" is one of the most famous golfers of all time. 

Despite a rough childhood, he became one of the greatest golfers in history. In this piece, you will learn stories from his life that will inspire you to achieve great things.

  • Learning about Mr Hogan will let you touch the spirit of the game.

His innovations in the sport helped make him a household name. However, in a sport as competitive as golf, Mr Hogan’s failures are often overlooked. 

Here are the Ben Hogan stories every golf fan should know...

Searching for the secret to golfWith the help of Mr Hogan, you may be able to learn the secret to the perfect golf swing.

Who Is Ben Hogan?

The legendary Mr Hogan is a hero for many golfers. 

He was born in 1912 in Stephenville, Texas and passed away in 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Ben Hogan is a name that has become synonymous with golf. He was one of the greatest golfers that the game has ever seen and his legacy continues to live on to this day. 

Some people recognize his name and know some details about him, but most people don’t know who Ben Hogan was or what he did for the game of golf.

His story is extraordinary — from his humble beginnings to the development of his revolutionary golf swing. He overcame obstacles to become one of the most successful professional golfers in history.

The accolades he received throughout his career are piling up, but more than that, his philosophy and approach to the game are still being applied by golfers today.

He is often referred to as Mr. Hogan or the Hawk, both by admirers and detractors alike. He was an icon, a man who was feared and respected by his peers.

  • Ben Hogan was the best ball striker of all time. 

  • The reason Hogan was able to do that is because he had a secret to his swing. 

The thing about Hogan’s swing is that it looks so effortless that it’s hard to see what’s actually going on. When you look at it, there’s not much that stands out, but what Hogan’s doing is actually deceptively simple. 

Legendary golfer Ben Hogan was known for having the mental toughness and focus necessary to win multiple major championships and help popularize the sport of golf. 

But what was his secret?

Who Am I?

If you read my About-page you know that I’m not much of a golfer.

But when I picked up golf again as an adult there was a huge spark and I’ve been on a journey ever since. 

I picked up Mr Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf early on and I’ve read it so many times that I’ve lost count. 

I’ve studied the text.

I’ve studied the illustrations.

(I guess one can say I’m kind of obsessed with the golf swing of Ben Hogan.)

I’ve spent years searching for the missing piece to my golf game - the Ben Hogan secret… 

Just to illustrate what Mr Hogan means to me I give you this story:

"I have that picture of Hogan with a cigarette in his mouth as wallpaper on my phone. My daughter offered to help me change the wallpaper to a cute image of her instead of that old man in black and white. I said no. I love the Ben Hogan wallpaper on my phone."

I’ve also asked the local golf pro to teach me to swing like Mr Hogan. The pro hasn’t succeeded yet, even though I work hard. I don’t know if it’s him not doing his job or if it’s me not doing mine…


The game of golf and the search for Ben Hogan’s secret makes me feel alive...

Books About Ben Hogan

The legend of Ben Hogan lives on today. 

By studying the man's methods and strategies, you can improve your own golf game.

Reading his books will also connect you with the spirit of the game...

Ben Hogan was one of the best golfers of all time, perhaps the best ever in some eyes. He was a great teacher, coach, and writer who taught others how to achieve greatness. 

  • His book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, is both a golf classic as well as a read that is still relevant today. 

  • His first book about the game, however, was Ben Hogan Power Golf - Championship Secrets From A Golf Legend. This book is also a must-read for any golfer.

(I haven’t found any of these Ben Hogan golf books as an ebook, but I like to feel them in my hand when I read Mr Hogan’s words and study the illustrations so I don't mind.)

I had the pleasure of reading Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons for the first time many years ago. It’s a book about golf, but it applies to so much more than that. 

  • It’s about how to succeed in anything that you’re trying to do.

After I had read 5 Lessons several times and loved every page and every illustration of it, I found Power Golf - Championship Secrets From A Golf Legend which is his first book…

Ben Hogan's Power Golf: Your Key to a Good Swing

Many golfers feel that improving their overall game isn't really possible. 

However, a look at the life and times of one of the sport's greatest legends shows us that even the greatest are always looking to improve themselves, no matter how long they've been playing.

In the 1940s, Ben Hogan’s golfing skills were gaining more and more recognition. His grasp of the physics behind a good swing was second to none and his key principles are as relevant today as they were then. 

  • If you’re looking to improve your swing, begin with Power Golf.

Golfing legend Ben Hogan was a pioneer of the sport. He explained the fundamental golf swing to everyday golfers and preached scientific precision.

Most golfers today know the name Ben Hogan. But few know about the man behind the legend.

The sporting legend's book, Power Golf, is considered one of the best golf instruction books ever written. Find out how you can learn from his power golf techniques and improve your own game.

You will find the Ben Hogan yardage chart on page 17. This is where he graded his own clubs according to Regular, Maximum and Minimum distance. Having a yardage chart like this helps golfers like you and me tremendously.

You will also find these sections and much more in Power Golf:

  • Ben Hogan on golf in general 
  • Ben Hogan on chipping
  • Ben Hogan on putting

As far as I’m concerned the Ben Hogan Power Golf is not available to you as an ebook. However, a book like this shouldn't be read as a pdf or ebook since you want to flip back and forth when you study the text and illustrations.


And now to the sad story...

Ben Hogan Accident: A Tragic Story

Ben Hogan is one of the most famous golfers to ever play the game. His name is synonymous with the sport, and he’s credited with popularizing the golf swing. 

But to truly understand what makes Hogan such a legend, you have to dig deeper into his personal life and struggles.

The career of legendary American golfer Ben Hogan has been the subject of a number of different books and articles. 

However, the most compelling Hogan stories tend to be those which deal with his personal life. Because Hogan's career could have been cut short by a horrific car accident, there is an aura of mystery surrounding him as well as his legacy.

Tragedy struck on January 13, 1949, when Hogan was involved in a car accident that left him with severe injuries.

On an icy road in Texas, a Greyhound bus collided head-on with the car carrying Hogan and his wife, Valerie. The couple was returning home to Fort Worth from Phoenix.

In order to avoid the oncoming vehicle, Ben had to veer as far to the right as he could. He then moved himself to the right to cover his wife from being hit by the oncoming vehicle. This heroic act of selflessness turned out to be a life-saving move for both of them.

Ben was badly injured after the nasty car accident. He suffered broken bones in his leg, a cracked collarbone, a broken rib, and internal injuries. He could have easily died in the crash, as the steering wheel of his car was pushed through the driver’s seat.

The odds of Mr Hogan ever again becoming a top-tier competitive golfer seemed almost hopeless. Despite being one of the greatest professional athletes of all time, it seemed he would never compete again.

But, this story is great…

What Ben Hogan's Comeback Can Teach You About Success 

Ben Hogan is most famous for his remarkable comeback from the brink of death following the car accident in 1949. The lessons he learned from that near-death experience were then applied to his game and changed the way golf was played forever.

Although the circumstances of his comeback were unique, you can learn a lot from Ben Hogan’s rise from the ashes and apply it to your life. If you stick to it and pay attention to the right details, you’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

  • The Ben Hogan Comeback Story

The Ben Hogan comeback has been called one of the greatest comebacks in all of sport. Just 16 months after the bus accident and injuries, Mr Hogan won the 1950 US Open on the East Course at Merion Golf Club outside Philadelphia.

The 1950 US Open was physically very challenging for him.

On the 18th hole Mr Hogan needed a par to force the tournament into a playoff. He hit the drive in the middle of the fairway. Then he hit the now famous 1 iron shot at Merion.  

The Ben Hogan 1 iron picture is a real piece of art:

  • The crowd watching the shot… 
  • The American flag... 

I just love watching that picture.

But is it really a 1 iron picture? Or is it a 2 iron picture?

Fact is that it was his 1 iron he hit. He mistakenly wrote in his book that he hit a 2 iron and this caused confusion among golfers. Mr Hogan later confirmed that the iconic shot at Merion was hit with the 1 iron.

(Yes! He hit the green, two putted and forced a playoff that he won. How’s that for a fairy tale?)

Ben Hogan Drill On The Ed Sullivan Show

If you want to watch Ben Hogan’s swing in slow motion, then you should study this clip. It’s from when Ben Hogan appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 1950's and it fascinates golfers as much today as it did back then.

Make sure you watch the video clip below. 

You get to study a unique Ben Hogan face on performing a slow motion drill that builds up speed. You get to see his waggle and this drill is something you too can do when training at home. 

I bet your jaw will drop, mine sure did…

Ben Hogan’s Life Magazine Interviews Revealed

Ben Hogan’s life and legacy has fascinated golf fans for decades. But although his playing record is legendary, few people know about the intimate details of his life that he shared in magazine interviews during the 1950s. 

After years of public pressure, Ben finally gave in and allowed Life magazine to share his secret. He carefully edited a multi-page spread explaining the pronation movement, which he called "a trained movement of the wrist." 

There’s a reason why golfers are obsessed with improving their fundamentals. To them, it’s not just about learning how to play better. It's about knowing that if they become better at the basics, then everything else will follow. 

But was the pronation his real secret..?

Ben Hogan In Sports Illustrated

The first installment of Sports Illustrated's Five Lessons, written by Ben Hogan and illustrated by Anthony Ravielli, was released in 1957. The gist of the first lesson was The Grip. Later published as a book, it became one of the most read and best-selling golf tutorials of all time.

Ben Hogan’s five articles in Sports Illustrated are pure magic...

You know how sometimes you read something and it just sticks with you for some reason and you can’t really figure out why? 

Well, that’s why I’m telling you this story. 

  • It’s a story about Ben Hogan.
  • It’s about how Ben Hogan learned to play golf.
  • It’s a story of perseverance, grit, and commitment. 

But it also holds insights that can help you break through barriers in your personal and professional life.

Hogan’s impact on golf is well documented. 

He was the first of the modern superstars, paving the way for the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods. Even today, his name is synonymous with the sport.

  • Mr Hogan was a golfing legend. 
  • He was a man of few words and lived a simple life. 
  • He was a man of humble beginnings who rose to the pinnacle of the world’s most difficult sport.

His book, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, is still considered by many to be the golfing bible

It’s a must read for every golfer. 

Even for you.

Ben Hogan Golf Accessories

Ben Hogan is also a brand of golf equipment that was established by the legendary American professional golfer who had a profound impact on golf history. The brand has been manufacturing quality golf accessories, equipment and apparel for over 70 years.

I’m yet to use equipment and accessories from the Ben Hogan Company, but I know that I will one day play with the clubs.

For collectors and golf enthusiasts, Ben Hogan accessories and signed golf balls are sought after.

Ben Hogan was once asked what he would do if he found himself in a situation where he was playing a round of golf and a six-year-old child asked for his autograph. 

What would he do? 

He said, I’d sign it.

Also vintage clubs, autographed pictures, posters and prints are high in demand. Personally I would love to have the famous Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan picture.

There’s also a Ben Hogan movie with Glenn Ford, but you have to be a real golf nut to watch it...

Ben Hogan Quotes to Inspire Golfers Everywhere

Mr Hogan once said, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get”. While Hogan may have been on to something with his famous remark, there are plenty of other quotes from the golf legend that will inspire your next golf shot.

The most important thing in life is to love what you do, because that’s what will make you the happiest. If you do that, everything else will fall into place.

Ben Hogan revolutionized golf with his technical knowledge, intense focus on the fundamentals and his commitment to excellence. His legend still lives on through quotes like these.


The Ben Hogan Legacy: How To Live the "Sportsman's Life" 

The life of Ben Hogan, the famous golfer who is thought to be one of the most influential golfers in history, is often overlooked. But it’s a story that’s worth learning from — and celebrating for its unique and inspirational qualities.

Ben Hogan is famous for saying “The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”, as mentioned above. What he meant by this was that you can’t expect to be good at something without putting in the hard work. If you’re working on your golf game, you need to practice.

I think the greatest legacy that Ben Hogan left for golfers was the idea of understanding what the golf swing is and how to hit the golf ball. It’s not about the latest golf club or golf ball or gadget, it’s about understanding what the golf swing is and how to hit the ball.

But Mr Hogan’s contribution to society is so much more than just golf. Read on to learn more about the Ben Hogan legacy.

Now, let’s return to his secret…

The Ben Hogan Secret — And Why It’s So Powerful 

It is no secret that Ben lived a miraculous life after the unfortunate accident. 

As his return to the sport as a professional got more astonishing, so did the rumors of a secret. 

  • Was it possible that he was able to win title after title because of his secret?

Ben Hogan is famous for being the most meticulous and precise golfer in history. He won many tournaments by setting records that still stand today. 

  • But what was his secret? 

To learn more about this legendary golfer, keep reading.

If you’re like most golfers, you’ve probably read Ben Hogan’s classic book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. 

  • But what if what you thought Hogan was trying to teach you about the secret of the golf swing is actually wrong?

One of the best ways to improve your game is to study the best. Hogan did this by watching how the pros hit the ball and taking the best parts of their games to improve his own.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from studying Ben Hogan it’s that a lot can be accomplished with very little effort if you’re willing to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Is this the closest we will ever get to the Ben Hogan secret..?

More Hogan Stories...