The Story of Ben Hogan's Comeback from Near Death

The well-known golfing legend, Ben Hogan is a prime example of what it takes to make a comeback after you’ve had your back against the wall. 

After his near-fatal car crash in 1949, Hogan miraculously recovered and made an amazing comeback on the big scene.

Few golfers have experienced the highs and lows of professional golf like Ben Hogan. From his first PGA Tour victory to his tragic car crash to his triumphant comeback, Hogan’s life is a remarkable story of victory over injury.

Most golfers will never have the chance to win multiple majors or be considered among the greatest champions in history. But each golfer has their own personal comeback story, and Ben Hogan's is one of the best in the sport.

Read about how Ben Hogan made the comeback of all comebacks, from near death to becoming a golf legend...

Golf course by mountains in the fallA legend of the game, Ben Hogan took a savage beating in a car accident that all but ruined his career. The doctors told him he’d never play golf again. But he refused to believe them.

How Ben Hogan Made a Comeback That Inspired the World

Ben Hogan's inspiring comeback story is a tale of determination and perseverance that helped him return to golfing glory. 

Many people believed Ben Hogan would never play competitive golf again, but he surprised everyone by coming back. From the terrible car accident he made a comeback on the toughest golf courses that few could have dreamed about...

Ben Hogan competed in the 1950 Los Angeles Open. He and Sam Snead tied over 72 holes, but Hogan lost the 18-hole playoff.

Later that same year Mr Hogan went on to win the US Open in 1950. He received a total of six major wins after this revitalized moment in his life.

Today people and sports writers compare the Ben Hogan comeback to the comeback of Tiger Woods, but I think they are hard to compare. To me, the comeback Mr Hogan did is the greatest comeback in the history of sport…


What can you learn from Mr Hogan..?

What Ben Hogan’s Comeback Teaches Us About Grit

The legend of Ben Hogan is the stuff of true golfing legends. 

  • He was a golfer with a perfect swing and an iron will. 

Although he died in 1997, his advice is still applicable to the contemporary golfer. Here, look at some of his key quotes and how they're still relevant today.

“I learn something new about the game almost every time I step on the course.”

“I couldn't wait for the sun to come up the next morning so that I could get out on the course again.”

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.”

I think about these quotes every now and then, because they give meaning to life. 

Now, onwards…

5 Ben Hogan Comeback Highlights

In the world of golf, few names are as revered as that of Ben Hogan. 

A true legend in every sense, Hogan is a name that resonates with golfers to this day. 

His dedication to the game and his commitment to achieving greatness in all walks of life make him one of the most inspirational figures in golf history.

Ben Hogan is no doubt one of the golfers who most people think of when they hear the term “great”. 

  • The US pro golfer was a revolutionary figure in golfing. 

Hogan’s contributions to the sport included his ability to keep his head cool and his advancements in ball-striking, to name a few.

Now, let’s dig deeper...

  • Ben Hogan wins & majors

If you're an avid golfer, you've definitely heard of Ben Hogan and know he was prominent. 

But how many tournaments did he win? 

The golf legend won 64 PGA tournaments and 9 majors championships he competed in between 1946 and 1953. 

His decisive victory in the 1950 US Open despite the injuries and fractures is considered by many golf purists to be the most dramatic moment in the history of the sport.

Did Ben Hogan win a Masters?

Yes indeed, he did...

  • Ben Hogan 1953 Masters

This is golf history…

When did Ben Hogan win the Masters?

In 1952, Hogan turned 40, and he knew his chances of winning big titles on the golf course were running out.

Hogan did everything in his ability to prepare for his 1953 Master’s comeback. And he did it like only Mr Hogan can...

In a spectacular display of golf, the tournament's scoring record was broken in the process. This was due to Hogan shooting a 274 for a 14-under-par victory in the 1953 Masters.

  • Ben Hogan 1967 Masters

In 1967 he was struggling with an aching shoulder and legs, but still performed fairly well in Augusta.


Even with some record setting stretches during round 3, it wasn’t enough to be a threat for the tournament win. Ben Hogan finished tied for 10th.

The Masters in 1967 was Mr Hogan's final appearance in the Masters. Two months later he played his last major in the U.S. Open.

  • Ben Hogan Grand Slam

In 1953 Ben Hogan won the Masters, U.S. Open, and Open Championship. That was, per definition, a Grand Slam at the time.

That year, in 1953, it was not possible to win all four majors. This was due to the fact that the PGA Championship overlapped with the Open Championship.

Here's a stat to blow your mind: 

Mr. Hogan is the only player to have won all three of these in a single calendar year.  

  • Ben Hogan Ryder Cup record

Mr Hogan has been a member of two U.S. Ryder Cup teams, 1947 and 1951. 

Ben also captained the US Ryder Cup team three times. He led the team in 1947, 1949, and 1967.

Let’s Sum Up Mr Hogan’s Comeback

Ben Hogan was a legendary golfer, who came from a small Texas town to become one of the greatest players in the world. 

Through hard work and determination, he overcame many obstacles and injuries to become an icon in golf.

If you didn’t know much about Ben Hogan before, then you now know he's the greatest ball striker ever and that his comeback counts as the greatest in all of sport history.

Thinking about Mr Hogan gives me the chills. 

He was such a great golfer, but the car accident could have brought any man to his knees. Instead Mr Hogan made a remarkable comeback and his impact on the game of golf will be with us forever…

What do you think about Ben Hogan’s comeback?

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