How Do I Stop Slicing In Golf?

Looks like you're suffering from a slice in your golf swing. 

We've all been there and I want to help.

Learn about how to cure your golf slice today by learning what causes a slice and how to stop it!

To stop slicing your golf shots, read on!

Try these tips for fixing your slice now!

Male golfer in blue shirt and white hat with a driverIt’s about who you are, what you want to achieve, and where you go. So take the time to get the best grip possible, rotate your body and hit inside out. Golf can be a lot more fun that way!

What Causes A Slice In Your Golf Swing?

When you have a slice in your golf swing, it can be frustrating. The ball might fly to the right of the fairway and you'll have a long approach shot to the green. 

The slice is something that every golfer has experienced at one point or another. It can be embarrassing when you are out on the course or playing in a local tournament and you have to deal with a slice.

There are two main causes of a slice in your golf swing. Either your club face is cutting across the ball too open, or the club head is coming from outside to inside, or it can be both.

What if you weaken your grip…

Does A Weak Grip Cause A Slice?

If you're playing golf and feel like your slice is out of control, consider the way your grip is positioned. 

Your grip should be tight enough to allow you to control the club while vibrating it back and forth. Tightening your grip will help you square up the face of the club, which could reduce or eliminate any slicing.

There's a good balance between grip and tension. Grip too tight and you'll have a hard time controlling the club while it vibrates back and forth. Grip too loose and the face of the club will be off-square.

The theory is that a weak grip can cause a slice as the club is coming down to strike the ball. The hands are too far from the clubhead and this causes an out-to-in swing path that leads to a slicing shot.

What if you strengthen your grip…

Can A Strong Grip Cause A Slice?

As a golfer, you might want a strong grip to make a slice problem go away. Some say a strong grip is the key to developing a great swing and having control over your shots.

But it’s not that easy...

The golf grip, how you hold the golf club, is a major key to a good golf swing. The proper golf grip will allow you to have more control over the club and it will also help with the power of your swing.

One of the most important aspects of gripping a golf club is the pressure that you put on the grip. The more pressure, the tighter your grip will be, and consequently, you slice less through your ball.

Have you tried a stronger grip on your club? 

Now to the million dollar question…

Why Do I Slice My Driver?

There are many reasons why your swing might cause you to slice the ball. 

One reason is that you may be swinging too hard.

(Remember the swing should be slow and controlled. You can still get good club head speed.)

Another cause of slicing may be because the clubface is open at impact.

Slice is one of the most difficult things for golfers to fix. This is because it's caused by a breakdown in the golf swing in a number of different areas. 

The golf swing is a tricky thing to master. Despite the fact that there are only a few steps, they can feel complicated. 

As a result, golfers often struggle with slicing the ball. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are no easy ways to fix it. 

But tuning your irons from a slice to a draw is easier…

Why Do I Slice My Irons?

This is a question we've all asked at one point in our golfing careers. 

Maybe you're a beginner golfer and it's been difficult to get the ball on the fairway. Or maybe you're an experienced golfer and you're looking for new ways to lower your handicap. Either way, there are a couple of things that might be going on.

Slice golfers often get frustrated with their swing and can't get the ball to travel straight. 

One of the main causes of a slice is that the golfer's body weight is positioned too far to the left or right of center during their backswing. This position prevents a smooth downswing and forces the club head in a direction it wasn't originally intended.

But, with good drills and some practice you can work it out…

What Is The Most Common Cause Of A Slice In Golf?

Golf is a sport that requires patience, precision, and focus. Why not add some laughs to your game with these common slice causes?

A slice in golf can be the result of one's club coming over the top during the downswing. The reason it occurs is because during your backswing, your hands and arms are too far from your body and upon impact, they get too close to your body.

The most common cause of a slice in golf is a problem with your grip. This causes a shot to fly left (or straight) and curve sharply right. Then, the most common cause of a slice is you hitting with your club coming outside to in on your downswing.

Now, the key question…

How Do I Stop A Slice In My Golf Swing?

If you're a slicer, then you might want to consider a few things. 

First, make sure your grip is not too tight.

Second, make sure the ball is lined up in the right place of your stance. 

Third, make sure you hit the ball from inside out in your downswing.

In order to stop a slice in your golf swing, you must hit the ball from inside out in your downswing.


Enjoy life, because your slicing days are behind you!

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