The History of Golf Gloves & Why They are White

Most golf gloves are white, but why?

The color white has no business in the game of golf.

Why is it so hard to find stylish golf gloves?

Golf gloves are traditionally white and I'm not sure we understand why.

Is it because white looks formal on a golfer's hands?

You deserve to enjoy your game, not spend your time worrying about what you look like. But one crucial accessory can ruin all this.

Ridiculously white golf gloves are an outdated tradition - there's no reason to conform to it!

If you're looking for a fashionable golf glove to complete your look, or just want one that matches your uniform, you're out of luck.

Tired of feeling like your left hand is an afterthought?

Well, no more…

Golfer with white golf gloveNowadays, golf gloves come in a variety of colors. But there are people who believe they should still be white.

The Origins of Golf Gloves

Golf gloves have been around since the mid 1800s.

But there are still a few people that don't know where they came from.

The answer is that the first golf glove was used by a British man who had to play golf with his club in one hand and a cigar in the other.

He found a leather glove which he wore on his hand for protection, and it worked so well that he continued to use it as his only golf glove for many years after.

The rest is history.

I don't know if this story is true, but I like it…

Why Are Golf Gloves White?

Most golfers wear a glove because it allows them to grip the club better. The surface of the glove is designed to provide a better feel for the club as well as increased friction.

But why are most golf gloves white?

I’ve searched for the answer to that question without coming up with a reliable answer. 

Four theories crossed my path… 

  • Colored golf gloves can get hotter than white ones in the sun. That’s the reason golf gloves are white and not colored.

  • White golf gloves, as a symbol of the sport's elitism, are a relic from way back. Golf was originally a rich man’s hobby, and the golf industry was not interested in catering to the lower classes. As a result, they marketed to affluent white men and excluded women and minorities.

  • The reason people wear a white golf glove is so that they can look like a golfer. They're not as clumsy as they would be without one and they provide an easy way to be seen by everyone on the course.

  • If you are a serious golfer you don’t wear black shoes or a black glove.

I don’t think any of these theories hold the whole truth to why golfers wear white gloves. They all seem dated to me.

But enough with white gloves for golf…

Are There Golfers That Wear Black Gloves?

The answer is yes.

There are golfers who wear black gloves.

But black golf gloves are not as common as you might think. There are some professional golfers that do wear them, even though they are few.

Rain gloves are another story.

When it comes to golf rain gloves, black is the rule more than the exemption.

But you can find a more funky golf glove for your game…

What's the Deal with Color Golf Gloves?

Fortunately, the time of coloured golf gloves is here…

Most golfers have a favorite color to wear while golfing, and many don’t want to sacrifice their style when they step onto the first tee. Color golf gloves are a great accessory for any golfer who loves to add a little flair to their game.

If you’re looking for colored golf gloves, there are many different colors to choose from, including white, pink, blue and yellow. Some of these colors come in different shades as well. For example, you can get a white golf glove that has a slightly pinkish hue or pink that has a hint of blue in it.

Color golf gloves are now more popular than ever before.

Colored golf gloves are only for men, right?


Nowadays, more and more women are using colored golf gloves. The color of the gloves is not just because they want to look fashionable or experimental, but also because they are high quality and give you that secure and comfortable grip you want.

Let’s take a look at history, in color…

The Colorful History of Golf Gloves and Why They Matter

My favorite in the colored golf glove market is Bender Gloves. It certainly is a colorful company that makes golf gloves with an attitude that will perform for you out on the course…

The company was founded back in 2013 with a goal of filling an obvious gap in the golf glove market. At that time, there was a clear lack of what could be considered "cool" golf gloves on the market.

They started to notice that white gloves were very common on the course and decided to make a change by injecting fashion into this important product that is found in every golfer's toolkit; golf gloves.

They developed an interesting idea that was focused on golfers who were looking for a different kind of glove, one with a bit of attitude and a unique style.

The market was missing stylish gloves that performed well and that everyone could afford. They wanted to change that, so they developed premium color golf gloves at affordable pricing.

I say they’ve done quite a job…

What do you think?

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