How To Use The Power And Ease Of Trackman Golf Simulator To Boost Your Swing And Ball Flight

Here you will learn how easy and fun it is to use the Trackman golf simulator, both for recreational use and when practicing on the range to improve your swing and golf game.

But before we dig in, I bet you too can you recognize yourself in this…

  • You have worked hard and well on your golf swing. 
  • You have acquired the knowledge necessary to get a proper and consistent swing. 
  • You really feel that you deserve to play that good game out on the course. 
  • You know that you are swinging the club in the correct way, but the ball doesn’t fly right on a consistent basis.
  • You shake your head about this silly sport and you just can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong. 
  • You know you do all the right things in your swing, but you still don’t hit the ball well when you need to.

If this sounds like you, keep reading...

Trackman golf simulator can make this come true for you:

  • You want to understand why the golf ball doesn’t come off the way you intend and now you know.
  • You want to see what you’re doing wrong and now you see.
  • You want tips on what to improve in your swing and now you can get that help.
  • You want to hit the ball well and now you do.

The Trackman golf simulators are growing more and more common in many places such as indoor driving ranges and at golf clubs. The odds are good that you have one of these ranges or a Trackman radar rental near you.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a Trackman range near me and it’s amazing how this software and monitor can change the way I experience and practice my golf.

Golf course by the sea

What Is Trackman Golf Simulator?

The Trackman golf simulator is a launch monitor, or golf radar, that uses microwaves and its reflections from your golf club and ball collect a range of vital data from your swing and ball flight. This launch monitor is widely used by professional golf players and teaching pros alike.

Some golfers like to compare for example the Foresight launch monitor vs Trackman. Which one you prefer is basically a question of personal preferences for golfers like you and me. The Foresight golf monitor has a different technology and what you settle for is most likely a matter of simulator supply near you and the visual aspects of the golf simulator or your budget.

With the rapid growth of driving ranges for the public and weekend warriors like us the Trackman launch monitor is now more accessible to a wider audience of golfers. This is both fun and a huge benefit for our game, not only for the PGA tour players. Now swing path, club speed, ball speed, attack angle metrics and more can help our game too.

So, where can I buy a Trackman launch monitor you might ask? 

Well, when you learn about the cost of a Trackman launch monitor you might no longer be so eager to buy this golf radar. This is despite how nice it would be to place the radar on the range along the Trackman range app on your phone when hitting balls on your next training session. 

But don’t despair!

The Trackman business and brand is from Denmark and it is still family-owned. For non-golfers they also produce the equivalent radars for other sports such as football and baseball.

Let’s move on...

How Does Trackman Work?

Different golf simulators on the market use different technologies and the latest model of Trackman uses dual radar to measure the metrics and numbers of your golf swing and ball flight. 

The dual radar Trackman has with its accuracy and easy interface software become the market leader among golf launch monitors. After quite a few hours with the Trackman golf simulator on the driving range I am not surprised. 

The Trackman dual radar launch monitor gives you all the metrics and numbers of a great golf shot, no matter if it’s your driver, irons or wedges. Trackman can even be used for putting analysis.

It’s easy for you to see what you are doing right or wrong in your swing and it’s easy for you to see how you should adjust your swing in order to get the shot you want. This is just one of many benefits with the Trackman golf simulator.

There will be no more guessing or excuses for you and your golf swing. You will get a clear picture of what to improve in your golf swing. The rest is up to you as a player.

When you know what you should be practising on, you can spend all your time practising just those few things. This will save you a tremendous amount of time when you no longer have to carve your swing out from trial and error.

You will get more confident about what you’re good at and where your weaker part of the golf game is. This will automatically help you play better with fewer mistakes in your swing out on the golf course.

How To Use Trackman Golf?

The Trackman golf course list at the current location I hang out the most holds about ninety courses from all over the world. I haven't really been able to figure out if you can buy more golf courses to this simulator or not, but that's not really a big deal for me. 

With the Trackman virtual golf course list you can rest assured that you are able to enjoy the many great courses and rounds with your friends. It still surprises me how much fun it is to play virtual golf in a simulator and I can’t seem to get enough of it in the off-season. 

You will find out that there are many great golf courses you are still to play and the Trackman golf course list gives you the courses you want to play with your friends for years to come. 

With Trackman being the # 1 professional golf simulator in the world, the courses you play here aren’t exactly a plain simulator experience. With the Trackman virtual golf course list you can pick your favorite course out of many of the world’s best and enjoy your round in a way almost no other golf software comes close to.

When playing your simulator round you can also get numbers from your shots in a way you don’t get when playing golf on a real course. This feature is something I benefit from a lot since it’s great to see why the shot came off as it did.

What bugs me a little bit though is that at the Trackman location I'm playing you can't save your shots and metrics from rounds played on courses, only from your practice sessions on the driving range. It feels like you should be able to do that and I'm guessing it's an add on you can buy to the software. 

Trackman Golf Club Fitting

Doing a Trackman fitting is something that will make the game easier to play for you. It’s quite easy to find Trackman fitting locations where you can ensure that your next golf clubs will suit you well, have the right lie, shaft, stiffness and more.

When looking for a better big stick, the Trackman optimal driver fitting numbers will make it easier for you to find the right driver for your swing and one that will allow you to hit longer shots.

Golf club fitting can be done in many different ways by a golf professional and you don't have to use a launch monitor or a Trackman. It can actually be done manually by the local pro, even though a golf radar will make it easier to get the right landing angles with the irons and the driver’s correct spin numbers.

Many beginner golfers say that they will wait until they have improved their level of play until they get fitted for clubs. But golf players of all levels benefit from getting fit for the right clubs and gaps. So why wouldn’t a beginner golfer benefit from a club fitting the most?

How To Practice With Trackman

It’s both easy and fun to practice and play with Trackman, even though you don’t understand all the golf metrics. You’ll get the full Trackman golf swing analysis for every golf ball you hit and you don’t have to understand every single number in order to benefit from it.

It’s simple to understand a few of the most basic golf metrics and numbers and this is most often enough to help your game forward in a fun way. Doing swing analysis just got a lot easier for us golfers and I love it.

Learning how to practice with Trackman golf simulator will enable you to feel how fun and enjoyable it is to practice and play golf. Knowing that you are able to improve your golf swing is such a wonderful feeling.

With this feeling inside there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying a lifetime of wonderful golf with your friends on the course. And when you are feeling comfortable with your swing on the course, you will also feel the joy of being part of your local golfing community,

One simple example on how a beginner golfer can use the power of this golf simulator software to stop hitting that dreadful slice and instead begin hitting those high draws most of us desire so badly is shown in an easy way in this swing video:

I had been able to hit that high draw in the past, but somehow lost that ability somewhere around course. For months I had been trying to get it back, but without success. But after watching the video above, I didn't hit a fade for my entire next round of Trackman virtual golf in the simulator. Some shots actually were that high draw I thought was lost and some drives were among the longest I have ever hit.

Trackman Driving Range

This is the perfect way to practice in the off-season. You can get more metrics and numbers than you can handle, so all the barriers that previously were holding your golf game progress back have now been removed.

With My Trackman you can also save the numbers from every shot during your practice session. This is perfect to analyze afterwards and you will know exactly what to work on for your next practice session.

With saved data for all your golf shots from practice, you get a goldmine to dig from when it comes to identifying your strengths and consistency as well as your weaknesses. It simply is perfect information for your next golf lesson or practice session on the range on your road forward in golf.

You too will find out how fun it is to practice when the ball flight is shown on the screen and you get numbers of your club path, ball speed and more.

Trackman Combine

In case you haven’t yet taken the Trackman Combine, I strongly recommend that you do. It’s both fun and a real play under pressure kind of test.

You will also get a Trackman Combine score vs your handicap that tells you how well you shoot. I took the Combine and I didn’t enjoy my score at all the first time. But it was a good motivator to practice harder and now I’m well on my way!

The Trackman Combine vs handicap score don’t lie, so you might have to suck it up. This is a standardized test and when you’ve taken it you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are out on the golf course.

The Combine test is a challenge over 60 shots where you get to use different clubs and hit targets at various distances. It’s simply a great test for telling how you will perform out on the golf course when you are playing your rounds.

Here’s a video that will explain the Trackman Combine to you in greater detail in just a couple of minutes:

How To Read Trackman Data

You can get all the numbers from swing speed to launch angle and everything in between. You can actually get so many metrics that it makes you dizzy when you read Trackman data. 

So, how do you learn to read the Trackman data? 

I guess that the easiest way is to have a professional teach you the metrics that are the most important to you from a perspective of your level of experience and your level of the golf game. When you understand how club delivery affects ball behaviour you have added a new dimension to your golf game.

Things you can learn about include among other numbers attack and launch angle, spin rate, dynamic loft and spin loft. The more you know about the numbers shown in the simulator when you practice, the easier it will be for you to understand what a golf launch radar tells you about the ideal numbers and more.

But you can actually learn all there is to both the swing and the ball flight all by yourself. If you are a beginner golfer and willing to invest some time in your game, just head over to…

The Trackman University

With this golf monitor radar you get a lot of metrics, sometimes more than the average golfer can handle in general. But Trackman can actually give you a full golf education where you can learn all there is to the technical parts of the game, such as what affects impact, ball flight and club delivery.  

The Trackman simulator software is very easy to use though and you can opt to only use the metrics and numbers you understand. This is often enough for most weekend golfers. But when you want to know more about swing path, face angle, attack angle, spin axis and the laws of ball flight, you can learn this in a systematic and relatively easy way through the Trackman university.

And best of all, the Trackman University cost is zero for you.

When taking this course you will learn all about the optimal Trackman numbers that will help you improve your golf swing and ball flight. This will help you in a tremendous way when practicing with golf radars. Just think about what an advantage it is for you to know what the ideal Trackman numbers for irons are along with everything else you will learn. 

How Accurate Is Trackman Simulator?

The Trackman launch monitor is accurate enough for the PGA pros and it is more than accurate for you and me. In fact, most brand golf launch monitors on the market are accurate enough for recreational golfers if they are calibrated and with the right setup.

The Trackman simulator is accurate to one foot at hundred yards when measuring the landing and it measures shots from four feet to four hundred yards. Once you get used to getting these accurate Trackman numbers for your club delivery and ball flight, I promise you can’t understand how you could have practiced in the past without a launch monitor. 

Getting all these accurate numbers is a blast, it's just so much fun!

Get your golf ball closer to pin

PGA Tour Trackman Numbers

I know I’m not even close to the tour players, but I enjoy watching and comparing my numbers with PGA and LPGA tour average Trackman stats. When looking at the Trackman numbers for tour players you can really understand how good these players hit the ball.

Personally I like when I can find pro Trackman numbers and wedge numbers for players such as Francesco Molinari, Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson and Dustin Johnson. Maybe you can find the Trackman tour stats for some of your favorite golf players as well.

If you too find it interesting to look at PGA Tour Trackman numbers, you can learn more about the numbers from the Trackman blog.

What Does A Trackman Cost?

The price might be a negative for most golfers that are looking for their own personal golf simulator and monitor. But a used Trackman 4 for sale might be within reach if you can afford spending more than the average golfer on the game.

The Trackman golf simulator is the radar of choice for professionals and amateurs alike, even though the price range makes it out of reach for personal use for many golfers. Even a used Trackman for sale that is refurbished is way out of the price range for most recreational golfers.

Many driving ranges, both indoor and outdoor, have Trackman golf simulators. So if you are lucky to have a Trackman range nearby, you can put this powerful golf simulator and swing monitor to work for you without having to buy one.

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