How To Swing Better With Free Golf Tips For Beginners

We all want to improve our swing and level of play. 

Here I will give you some free golf tips for beginners that will help you in the right direction. They will not by themselves take you to that proper and effortless swing, but from here you will be able to move on to the next step in your swing quest...

Personally I remember how hard I thought it was when I first started out playing golf. I looked around both in bookstores and online for basic golf tips for beginners, but it’s not that easy. 

Yes, I found some tips…

But I was looking for simple golf tips and for someone that was new to the game I found it extremely hard to value the tips I stumbled across. With all the free online golf tips it was hard for me to put them into context and to understand the basic swing mechanics.

When I tried to swing better I often felt like I was on the how to play golf for dummies series and it wasn’t fun at all. Today I'm very glad that I didn’t throw away my clubs, for after some hard times I finally broke through…

I learned that the best golf tips ever is to gain knowledge about the game. I found that when I after many struggles was able to understand the golf essentials for beginners, it was also much easier for me to build more knowledge from there.

A problem when you first start golfing is to know what tip is good and what tip won’t help move forward from where you are right now. There are so many random tips out there making it almost impossible to put them into context and to know what you need right now and what your next step should be.

The resources and tips we will cover in this article will help you gain more knowledge and set you on track for future improvements. These free golf tips for beginners won’t make you a scratch golfer, but they point you in the right direction and the effortless and natural swing will be within reach.

How To Play Golf For Beginners

This video from US Golf TV will give you five simple beginner tips to get you started:

With this knowledge at hand I know you want to move on to the big stick...

How Should A Beginner Tee Off?

The big question we all are asking in the beginning is how do you hit a driver straight every time. That’s what we all want to figure out! With some good golf tips for beginners driving and some practice, this will be you in a not so far away future.

In this video from US Golf TV Todd Kolb will guide you through golf driving tips for beginners:

Women's Golf Tips For Beginners

Here you get golf tips for women by PGA Professional Katie Rule. She gives you the golf swing basics and some easy steps for beginners. In this video she covers golf driving tips for beginners that are quite easy to catch up on:

What's The Easiest Golf Driver To Hit?

The day you are ready to buy a brand new driver, make sure you go to a professional for a custom fitting. You will be set up with the driver that is the best for you according to your swing speed and level of play. This will be the easiest driver for you to hit. It will also be the driver that gives you the most pleasure out on the course.

How Can I Learn Golf Fast?

I’m sorry! There are no shortcuts in golf. 

However, for some it comes more natural than for others to swing the club. But if you dedicate yourself to the game - play and practice - along with some golf lessons from your local PGA coach or from an online instructor, you will one day pretty soon be able to play the game at a fairly good level.

This article on how to shallow the golf club is a good read for you if you haven't yet got the feel for the more shallow plane in your downswing.

What Is A Good Round Of Golf For A Beginner?

To me every round of golf is a good round. I often think about Mr Hogan’s saying about smelling the roses...

You should feel fortunate if you are able to play golf.

But I know that’s not what you were asking. You want to know what a good golf beginner score is in terms of strokes.

Here you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself though, remember to smell the roses…

According to this article (referencing National Golf Foundation data) a whopping 45% of golfers average more than 100 strokes per round. If you shoot double bogey on every hole of a par 72 course your score will be 108. We all started from the beginning in our golf evolution and if you can shoot a 108, you can play your way around the course. And from there your scores will be lower the more you play.

These were a few free golf tips for beginners and they do point you in the right direction on your quest to a proper swing. However, it’s hard to learn the fundamentals when you are looking in different places and finding a piece of the puzzle here and another piece there. 

When you are ready for some more golf swing tips for beginners, my suggestion is that you sign up with a local teaching pro or for a basic online swing course. Doing it this way will better help you draw the full picture. 

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