7 Basic Golf Tips For Beginners

If you’re new to golf, it can be a very confusing sport. 

This beginner’s guide will help you learn the very basics.

Get started with these simple golf tips that cover everything from etiquette to the grip.

If you want to play a fun game of golf, then these basic tips will help you get started.

If you want to learn all about how golf works right from the start, there can be way too much to absorb. This can take the joy of golf away and the worst case scenario is that you quit the game before you find out what value it can add to your life. 

A far better approach is to learn the fundamentals of the game.

Here are some basic golf tips for beginners to help you get started...

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1. Basic Golf Swing Tips For Beginners

The golf swing is a complex motion, and the more you examine it, the more complicated it becomes. For that reason, it helps to break down the golf swing into its components in an effort to understand which individual parts affect certain areas of the swing.

A golf swing is an athletic motion that consists of a downswing and an upswing. It is, however, more than just a simple action. A good golf swing will allow you to use your wrists, arms, back and legs to control the distance and direction of the ball.

The golf swing is also a unique motion – but it’s one that anyone can learn. It may seem complicated at first, but the golf swing is just like any other movement you perform every day. But you have to practice.

If you want to improve your golf, you’ll need to practice. Simple as that. 

  • The more you practice, the better you’ll get. 
  • The better you get, the more you’ll enjoy the game.
  • The more you enjoy the game, the more you’ll play.

If you want to play a fun game of golf, then these essential golf tips for beginners will help you get started. 

First, you’ll need the right equipment

You’ll need to have a good set of golf clubs for starters. You can find a set on the Internet, at many retailers or from your local golf pro. 

If you’re just starting out with golf, here are some basic tips to help you improve your game. These tips are not game changing but they will definitely help to get you started and improve your overall game. 

Remember to have fun! 

1. You don't need to be Tiger Woods to learn how to play golf.

2. Practice makes perfect.

3. You don't need a perfect swing to score well.

4. It's okay to make mistakes.

5. Be patient with yourself.

6. Be careful with your clubs.

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Read this article from Golf.com. It contains some simple golf tips for beginners that will make your journey a bit easier.

What I like the most from the article are these two statements:

  • DON’T: Let your spouse or significant other become your primary teacher.” 
  • DO: Work with a professional to get a proper swing foundation.”


2. How To Play Golf Beginners Guide

Golf is a great sport, and it’s also a total blast.

If you’ve never played, you’re in for a real treat. 

Sure, putting is a little bit frustrating at first, and hitting the ball can take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find golf to be one of the most enjoyable sports out there.

  • The game of golf is rich with tradition and history. 

It’s often said that the game never changes, and this is true. Golf is a mental game that requires a player to be relaxed and calm, while also able to concentrate, focus, and put all his or her energies on hitting the ball well. 

Take a look at this article with 20 tips on how to get better at golf for beginners. I find the tips in the article to be sound and solid and they stand the test of time.

Just getting a grip on the golf basics can feel overwhelming in the beginning. I remember how I felt in my early days not being comfortable with the rules and etiquette. But by reading a book like  you can learn the golf rules for beginners in an easy and simple way.

I just wished I had done that sooner.

  • It's a common fact that golf is a popular sport all around the world. 

Golf may seem to be very difficult to master for rookie players. The game of golf is not only about hitting the ball perfectly into the hole but also requires great focus.

Golf is a simple game to play, but a hard game to master. The basics of golf are more or less the same as the basics of life: 

It's all about the fundamentals.

Learning to play golf is a great life skill. Golf is one of the few sports that can be played by people of all ages and abilities. Golf is also a great way to socialise and spend time with friends and family.

Now here comes the good part.

Two female golfers on the greenGolf is more than a sport — it’s a lifestyle. #golfovertime

3. Golf Swing Basics - Easy Steps For Beginners

The golf swing for a beginner is three things: grip, stance and posture.

Those are the three things you have to get right in order to hit the ball well. 

The grip is where you hold the club, the stance is where you stand and the posture is how you hold your head and your upper body. 

Golf is a great sport for beginners. The equipment is fairly inexpensive and you don't need a lot of space since you can do a lot of practicing at home. 

It's important to learn the basics of the game before you go out and hit the course, and there are plenty of great resources out there to help you get started.

  • What is the easiest golf swing to learn?

Read this article on basic golf swing tips for beginners. It’s probably one of the easiest golf swings to learn for you.

The article covers 3 keys to how to improve golf swing for beginners:

1. Improve your golf grip

2. Make sure the club face opens on the backswing

3. Turn – Shift – Turn

The grip is the most important part of the golf swing because it’s the part of the swing that happens before every single other part. If you have a good grip, you can hit the ball further, hit it straighter, and hit it more consistently. 

When you're learning to play golf, one of the best tips you can get is to make sure the club face opens on the backswing. If you're able to do this, you'll be able to hit the ball straight, which is crucial in golf – and in most sports!

I was having trouble hitting my golf shots straight and I was frustrated that I wasn’t hitting it as far as I was used to. My golfing buddy told me about the Turn – Shift – Turn concept and it made a huge difference in my swing.

But I didn’t stop there.

4. Golf Tips For Beginners Driving

Golf is a power game but it also requires a lot of finesse.

There is a lot that goes into the sport so if you are just starting out, it may be helpful to have a little guidance. If you want some great tips to help make your game a lot better, keep reading below.

  • If you’re new to the game, don’t be daunted. 

Learning golf and enjoying it does not have to be a grind. In fact, with the right information and a little bit of practice, you can be a competent golfer in just a few months. 

Here are some beginner golf tips to get your driving started. This video covers some of the best golf driving tips for beginners that want to learn how to drive it down the fairway.

These 3 beginner golfer tips will help improve your golf swing. 

They focus on improving the angle at which you strike the driver with your clubhead. And they show you how to secure a proper grip and how to position your arms to the golf club for an improved swing.

Why does this work so well? 

Several reasons, not all of which are obvious.

5. How To Improve Golf Chipping

Golf is a sport with many nuances — and one of the most challenging areas of the game is chipping. 

On the face of it, chipping looks easy.

  • It’s all about the distance between you and the pin, right? 

Well, unfortunately things aren’t that simple. 

The way your club strikes the grass will make a great deal of difference to your success, as well as the loft of your club.

Golf chipping, the short-game area of the game, is one of the most critical areas of the game for players at all levels to work on. This is where you’ll be able to easily shave strokes off your handicap. 

  • Improving how you chip in golf will help your overall scores.

In golf, chipping is a low-scoring skill that is used to get the ball close to the hole when you are near the green. If you can master chipping, you’ll be able to score well in a lot of different conditions.

A good way to improve your golf chipping is to learn the different types of chips. There are three types of chips: high, low, and flop. 

Chipping is one of the hardest parts of the game, but it’s also an important one. Golfers spend a lot of time practicing their long game, but most don’t spend enough time on their short game, which includes chipping.

Improving your chipping skills is basically a question of removing the bad habits and replacing them with good ones.

And boom! You’re there.

6. Golf Tips For Beginners Putting

Let’s talk about putting for beginners…

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just getting started, a few tips can help you master the putting green.

Even if you don’t play often, putting is a valuable skill to have in your golf bag. It is one of the most important parts of the game and can make or break your score.

A golf putting tip for beginners is to try to maintain a consistent pace on the green. 

Whether you’re trying to sink the ball in one shot or need to make numerous lag putts, you want to make sure that each putt has a similar pace. You can use this consistency to your advantage by practicing how to make putts with the same speed every time.

It is one of the most frustrating times for any beginner golfer, having to learn how to putt. 

A number of golfers have good drives but bad putts. It's not an impossible problem though. In fact, with the right amount of practice and proper guidance, golfers can become good putters in just a matter of weeks.

If you get good at putting, you will shave a lot of strokes off your game. No matter how good you are at chipping or pitching, you won’t be able to get close to good scores if you’re not consistent with your putting.

When it comes to putting golf tips, my favorite is the AimPoint technique. 

AimPoint provides you with an easy way to figure out the slope of the green by using your feet. Then you find your point of aim by using the number of fingers that correlates to the slope measured by your feet.

If you’re curious, here’s a video that explains the basics of AimPoint...

What I like the most about Aim Point is that it’s fast, you don’t have to squat down to read the greens and it’s very accurate.

It’s important to realise that there’s no “right” way to do it, and that you’ll likely need to make a lot of mistakes before you figure out what works best for you.

7. Golfing Tips For Beginners Video

Golf is a complex sport for those who are new to it. This makes it difficult for new players to learn the rules and how to play the game properly. 

The best way to learn about golf is to get professional advice from a golf pro who can help you master the game.

But, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to contact a golf professional, the next best thing is to search online for free pointers and golf tips for beginners.

  • Golf is the ultimate sport of relaxation and fun. 
  • It is also a sport that requires a lot of investment in terms of equipment, accessories, apparel and even fees and membership. 
  • If you are a beginner, you probably don’t mind shelling out a few bucks for things to help you improve. 

That said, there are some tips you should know if you want to get the most out of your game. Here are several golfing tips for beginners video from experienced golfers.

These are my best golf tips for beginners and I hope they help you improve your game. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

  • Golf is a great game for people of all ages, but it can be a difficult game to learn if you’re a beginner. 

The first thing you want to do when you’re learning is to focus on your grip. You want to make sure you’re gripping the club correctly and that it’s nice and secure so you don’t lose your grip during the swing. You also want to make sure your grip is consistent every time you play. 

If you want to learn some techniques in golf, you can do it thanks to YouTube videos. All you need is a little time and the desire to learn new things. 

You can also click here to find a collection of some of the best video tips for beginner golfers.

  • How can I teach myself to play golf?

Some golfers are self-taught. 

They don't spend much time learning how to swing the club and they play a lot of golf, but their putting is less than perfect. 

What would you tell these golfers?

I would recommend that they use video to record their own golf swings down the line and then analyze their shots. Spend more time learning how to chip and putt than you do hitting irons at the driving range. ...

When you’re a beginner, it’s important not to make the mistake of trying to learn too much at once.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about the swing, it’s about the finish. A lot of people get caught up in the swing and lose sight of the bigger picture.

Male golfer hitting a rescue club off the fairwayWhat’s your #1 priority? Is it swinging the club in a perfect arc? Or is it getting the ball in the hole? In golf, as in life, it’s most important to focus on what’s going to get you to the finish line.


Let’s recap…

We’ve covered some basic golf tips for beginners and these golf beginners tips are both simple and essential.

When you’re a beginner trying to get into the game, a key is to keep it simple. 

You should focus on the basics, get a simple swing working and play as much golf as you can out on the course.

Don’t make the mistake of becoming a driving range golfer…

The game of golf is best learned by playing the course and that’s what will help you excel…


What are the basic golf tips for beginners?

  • Grip the club properly
  • Keep your head still
  • Maintain a steady tempo
  • Align your body correctly
  • Practice proper etiquette
  • Focus on your posture
  • Take a lesson or seek help from a professional

How do I grip the club properly?

To grip the club properly, place your left hand on the club with your thumb pointing down the shaft, and your right hand on the club with your thumb also pointing down the shaft. The V formed by your thumb and forefinger of both hands should point towards your right shoulder.

Why is keeping my head still important?

Keeping your head still during a swing helps you maintain your balance and allows you to hit the ball with more accuracy. Moving your head can cause your swing to become off-balance, resulting in poor shots.

How can I maintain a steady tempo?

To maintain a steady tempo, try to keep the same rhythm and pace in your swing throughout the entire motion. This will help you to develop a smooth, consistent swing and improve your accuracy.

Why is aligning my body correctly important?

Proper alignment helps to ensure that your body is in the correct position to hit the ball with maximum power and accuracy. A good alignment also helps you to maintain your balance and consistency during your swing.

Why is practicing proper etiquette important?

Proper etiquette is important because it helps to maintain a positive and enjoyable environment for everyone on the course. It includes things like being ready to play when it's your turn, not disturbing other players, and respecting the course.

Why is focus on my posture important?

Proper posture helps to ensure that your body is in the correct position to hit the ball with maximum power and accuracy. It also helps you to maintain your balance and consistency during your swing, and helps to prevent injury.

Why should I take a lesson or seek help from a professional?

aking a lesson or seeking help from a professional can provide you with valuable feedback and guidance on how to improve your golf game. They can help you with swing mechanics, course management, and mental preparation, and can also help you to identify and correct any flaws in your technique.

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