Why You Too Should Get Into Golf

by Stan

My club is right next to the ocean so there are some beautiful birds in the area. I make sure to remind myself that there’s a bigger picture out there. Life is beautiful and it’s what you make of it!

My club is right next to the ocean so there are some beautiful birds in the area. I make sure to remind myself that there’s a bigger picture out there. Life is beautiful and it’s what you make of it!

Since I started playing golf, I have encountered positive changes in my life and I am ready to share all my experiences.

Let’s take a look at how it started and how my life has changed.

Life Before Picking Up Golf

At first I thought golf was boring.

I thought it was all about hitting the ball and waiting for it to land. However, my life was even more boring than how I thought about the game. I therefore ended up visiting friends during my free time.

Another thing that stuck in my mind was; golf is for old people who are idle. Some join golf clubs because of loose schedules that allow free time for the game.

But life needs something enjoyable – something I can always cherish and remember over time.

The life of regular schedules was boring, and that led me to try golf.

I found it annoying the first time.

Some of my friends were already golfers and they enthused me to get into golf. That’s the main reason I wanted to try and see how they do it and what it was like.

Before picking up golf I didn't have much time hanging out with friends and if I had we could only meet for a few hours. I can say I had few friends.

Life After Picking Up Golf

My life has transformed since my first day playing the game.

Though I didn’t see why people like golf, I later became a huge fan. Actually, many people get into golf to extend their business relations and close new deals, but mine was different - I wanted to know why people like playing golf so much.

These are some of the benefits I gained:

1. Physical Fitness

I was struggling with my physical health before joining the golf course. I could not run or walk for a long distance.

After starting to play, I can run and cycle with much more ease. My level of flexibility, power, balance, and core stability have improved. Playing has had a positive impact.

It also has helped me burn more calories. I don't weigh the same as my first day playing. It helps lose unnecessary weight in a more relaxed natural way. I have shed significant pounds and I am grateful I picked up golf.

2. Better Life Skills

What’s more important in this life than having positive life skills?

Golf can be the best teacher when it comes to life skills. It’s an ideal reflector of life’s cycle. Today I might have shot the worst, but tomorrow I will be there to correct yesterday's mistakes.

That’s what I have gained during my rounds on the course.

I have to perfect my skills if I want to be better, and this is what life is all about. I have learned that there is no quitting if I want to win or gain.

That requires a positive mind.

3. Made New Friendships

I never liked interactions before.

There is nothing wrong playing with current friends, but that’s not the way making new friends. That’s why I have more friends now, and this is one of the benefits of playing golf.

Now I have mates to go out and have a drink with. The boring life is a past now.

4. Relaxation

I have something to do after my busy schedule. Relaxing my body is what I do during the weekend.

Since I started playing golf, I feel okay.

I enjoy my outdoor activity, easing my anxiety with my friends. I see it as a perfect gift to my body and health. If I purely play for relaxation I play alone. I use the time to let my problems evaporate.

5. Business Relationships

Drafting a perfect and effective business idea is daunting. That's what I was going through in the past.

I have come to know many business people since I started to play golf. I take advantage when interacting with them to gain insights to my business thinking.

I can say I am growing and changing the way I perceive things. Interacting with experts makes one an expert too. I now spend my free time with successful individuals and that puts me in a good position.

6. Improved Mental Health

Mental suffering has become a norm nowadays. Depression and stress is part of many people's lives. Golf has helped me overcome much of this.

Whenever I have something on my mind I take the time and go hit some balls. That helps relieve whatever mental burden I have. From meeting friends and having conversations to exercising while playing makes my body vital.

My creativity and critical thinking are on the positive side now. I do things differently from how I used to. It is a result of focus that comes from playing.

What To Know

I didn’t know anything about golf when I first started.

However, I came to learn many things later.

I’ll share some of the tips to consider when getting into golf.

1. Type of Golf Course

There are so many golf clubs in town everyone can join. I tell you these clubs have different offers. My advantage was that I had friends who were ready to guide me.

Choose the club you sign up for wisley.

2. Golf Has No Limit

I see people of different ages and colors playing golf. There is no discrimination in the sport – anyone is welcome.

I can play against and with any other player. I play for fun and enjoy it. My club is next to the ocean and there are some beautiful birds around since I love nature.

3. Uncountable Benefits

I get multiple benefits from the sport as listed above. It’s the main reason I like the game and I can’t miss it on weekends.

The health and business benefits are my two key reasons I can’t miss.

4. No Severe Injury

Every sport comes with injury risk, and golf is one of them.

What I like about golf is the fact that the chances of a dangerous risk are low.

I don't remember any serious injury since I started playing. Maybe it's because I play for fun though.


Having a positive transformation is the desire of many people and I am one of them. I can't regret but feel lucky for beginning practicing and playing golf.

I feel better every day I go for outdoor activities. I meet my friends and we play golf as we talk and exchange new ideas.

I don't think there is any bigger positive step in my life other than this one. Golf is worth all your time and investment.

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Finding A Way To Get Into Golf Pays Off!
by: Johnny

Great to hear that you are enjoying your new golfing experience. Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to de-stress, and it's always good to make new friends too!

Please keep us updated on your progress.

Thank you for sharing your story and we are glad for your transformation. It is because of people like you that we continue to work hard and make the game better every day!

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