How Golf Saved My Health

When I'm feeling down on myself, I remind myself that I can conquer any goal that is put in my path.

When I'm feeling down on myself, I remind myself that I can conquer any goal that is put in my path.

As I had gotten older I realized I was struggling from a series of health problems. I had high levels of bad cholesterol and I was having heart issues due to being somewhat overweight. This lack of exercise and health issues contributed to my state of well-being, or lack thereof.

Because of my health issues, I was also spiraling mentally. I was in a rut and couldn't think of anything to get out of it. It started with an overall sense of feeling down, and started with me holing myself up inside.

I didn't want to really leave the house, and I didn't really want to venture outside at all. I'm not the world's most athletic person and I wasn't a big fan of typical cardio like running, jogging, etc.

My first foray into golf

I decided to try golf on a whim, as it seemed like something that would get me outside my comfort zone and out into the world. It turned out to be a challenge. There's so much more to golf than just swinging a golf club.

I had gone into this venture thinking that everything would easily and naturally. But I was a bit wrong. I was a bit skewed in my thinking. I realized I would have to practice my swing. I had to make sure my follow through, my hips, and my head all moved in sync when swinging.

I ended up spending many days and nights at the driving range trying to improve my swing. I realized I had to know the difference between clubs like driver, irons and wedges. However, through all of this I learned that I was now engulfed in a hobby.

I started to feel less pressure in the everyday world and started feeling like I had an outlet. It gave me something to really immerse myself in fully.

The Key

I started to realize that my hard work was paying off. I started gaining knowledge about everything in the golf world. I felt like I really fit it.

I started playing 9-hole and 18-hole matches against some local competition and made some new friend groups. I feel like I really had the motivation to get out of the house and start feeling like myself again.

The Realization

I never had that a-ha moment where everything just clicked.

However, when I looked back months later I realized that I was playing much better. My drives were farther and I was getting a better score each time I played a round of golf.

I was spending less time on the couch and more time on the course. A normal Saturday or Sunday used to consist of me sitting around the house. I wasn't getting outside and I wasn't getting any exercise.

I also realized that I had dropped about 20 pounds. From walking on the course to practicing my swing, it forced me to get out of the house more. My overall health was much better.

Once golf came into my life, I was out of the house every weekend. I was walking and getting sunshine every single weekend. As my health improved, my mindset did too.

Life as it is now

Now that I feel like I can call myself a golfer, my life has turned around immensely. I feel like I'm able to enjoy life. I spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. I'm in much better health and I'm much happier about the way my body looks.

I've gained confidence. Not only have I gained confidence from the way I feel and my health, but I've also gained confidence from being able to conquer the game of golf.

I was able to put my mind to something and show that hard work really pays off. I set little goals as I was learning. I saw myself getting better each week and realized that I could conquer any goal that came my way.

By getting into the game of golf I was able to better myself. I was able to get out of the rut that I had run into in life and really start to feel better.

Golf can provide an outlet for many people.

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Golf Transforms Life
by: Johnny

Wow, that's an inspiring transformation you've undergone! We're so happy to hear that golf has helped make this possible for you.

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