1 Simple Drill And 5 Minutes To Fix Your Golf Shanks

Let me ask you a personal question…

Do you shank your shots in golf?


I see. 

You too.

The shank shot is the worst swing fault in golf and it’s embarrassing when others see our shanked shots.

You have experienced this, haven’t you?

The golf shank shot… 

Even if you don’t know what it’s called you’ve probably been shankning the ball.

And maybe you don’t know it has a name. 

What is a shank in golf you might be thinking right now.

Ever felt embarrassment from a bad shot with other golfers around?

Odds are you shanked the shot.

If you are already familiar with the term shank in golf, then this is what you often ask yourself:

-Why am I shanking my irons all of a sudden?

But there’s a solution. 

You can become a shank-free-golfer in no time using one simple cure!

Let me explain.

Golf club head, hosel and ballThis is a golf club and a golf ball. What is it about this combination that causes you to shank your shots in golf?

What Is A Golf Shank?

I know.

And you know…

That shank is a dreaded word in golf.

But first thing first: 

What is a shank in golf?

It doesn’t matter if you have been playing for a while or if you are a beginner figuring out how to get into golf, it’s hard to keep track of all the golf terms and definitions for all of us.

A shank is a golf term describing the worst swing fault you can do and it has a simple definition. 

  • What does shank mean in golf?

The golf shank definition is that you hit your ball with the hosel part of your club instead of the club face. When you shank, a round golf ball will hit the round hosel, causing the ball (for a right handed player) to go way to the right and short.


When you shank your shot in golf, the ball will go almost 45 degrees to the right instead of your intended target line.

  • It’s no wonder that the shank is considered to be the most dreaded shot in golf!

But how do you cure your golf hosel shank? How do you prevent hitting your golf ball with the innermost hosel part of your club?

We’ll get there.

Now you know the term golf shank and its definition. 

  • What happens when you shank a golf ball?

Let’s take a look at a golf shank in slow motion…

This video shows you what a shank looks like in slow motion. You can see the shank and how the ball takes off aggressively to the right in about a 45 degree angle.

How does it make you feel when you shank one of your shots like that?

This leads us to the biggest problem with your golf swing…

How The Golf Shank Makes You Feel

The worst thing about playing golf is the shank, because it makes you feel embarrassed every time you hit the ball off the hosel.

You know it’s possible to play golf without shanking the ball and that every golfer can learn how to cure the shank.

When you shank your golf shot and others are watching, you feel like you want to quit golf forever. It’s just so embarrassing when you shank on the golf course in front of other golfers and you wish it could just go away in some magic way. 

You feel it’s plain wrong that you shank your shots once or twice every round. It’s not fair! Every golfer should be able to prevent the cause of the golf shank and fix a cure for it to end the pain for good.

You know what I mean, right?

Shank shot golfer not happyShanking shots make no golfer happy.

Have you ever felt like giving up golf because of shanks?

I have.

In my early days golfing the shank was a huge problem for me. I specifically remember two shanks:

The time I was playing in a tournament - I had a 100 yards in over the water and grabbed the 50 degree from my bag. 

The guy to the right of me stood almost 30 yards to the right of me and he could feel the wind from my ball passing his face when I shanked my pitch. 

It took a while for me to understand what had happened. After the ball had landed out in the rough the word “Fore” came from my mouth. 

The embarrassment I felt was huge.

The time a was practicing on the chipping green - About four other golfers were practicing at the same time on a sunny spring day. 

I had three balls. 

The first one landed short. 

The second I hit perfectly and it stopped close to the hole. 

The third ball was a rocket off the hosel almost hitting the lady in the far corner. 

I know her well, but I didn’t enjoy her seeing me shanking my chip. Once again I felt embarrassed as I walked over to apologize to her.

Yes, shanking my golf shots makes me feel embarrassed. 

But I knew there had to be ways to find the cause of golf shanks and to cure them with a fix once and for all.

My quest for a golf shank fix began…

I knew there had to be a cure, but where should I begin?

I figured that the way to go in fixing my golf shanks was to learn everything there is to the cause of shanks in golf in order to later on prevent it from happening again.

I was right.

So how can you benefit?

Embarrassed shank shot golferThis is me, feeling embarrassed, after almost hitting a lady with a shanked chip shot during practice.

What Causes Golf Shank?

In order to fix your shank you need to understand what causes it in order to prevent it from happening again. Because we want to leave that embarrassing feeling behind…

When we have that feeling inside, we ask ourselves questions like:

  • How do I stop shanking the golf ball?

  • Why do I shank golf shots?

  • Why do the shanks happen?

We begin to doubt ourselves. But what is it that we’re doubting? 

There are a couple of different causes for shanks in golf. 

When we talk we say “shank” to our problem, but the golf shank cause doesn’t have to depend on just one thing. A golf shank cause can be either one of two causes…

Let’s find out.

  • What causes a shank?

Shank cause #1:

It's nice having on inside to out swing in most cases, but if you swing too much inside to out chances are you make contact with the hosel first. This will cause a shank and it's probably because your swing is too shallow. 

If your clubface is too closed at impact, then you increase your chances for shanking the golf ball this way. Yet another cause to this shank can be that you move towards the ball in your downswing. 

The terms used for this type of shank is "heel shank" or "inside to out shank".

Shank cause #2: 

The issue here causing a shank is your club coming in over the top. 

Your swing path coming back to the ball cuts across your target line and this is common if you struggle with an over the top swing and causes you to hit the ball with your hosel first. If you shank your golf ball like this, then your swing is probably too steep and you are having an early extension shank. 

The terms for this type of shank is either "over the top" or "outside in" shank.

But there’s more.

We have one last question to straighten out and that’s about the difference between a golf shank vs slice.

  • Does a slice happen when you shank your shot in golf? 

  • What is a slice and what is a shank? 

  • What's the difference between the two?

Let’s take a look:

Yes, they both curve the same way as you slice. But the causes are different. They are not the same type of shot and they have different fixes.

The first step in order to get rid of that embarrassing shank feeling was to learn about the golf shank causes.

Green check-mark on notepad

Now, let’s find out how to never shank a golf ball again…

How To Fix Golf Shanks

As I told you, I struggled for a long time with shanking the ball and what I felt is the same thing you are feeling now:


This got to stop! But…

  • How do you fix a golf shank?

  • How do I stop shanking in golf?

  • What’s the cure for golf shank?

You need to find a golf shank cure and learn how to fix golf shanks so that you can continue playing and enjoy golf the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed…


You're reading this because you want to fix your shank. 

Right now, you might be feeling frustrated and helpless, because you want that feeling of embarrassment to go away. You don't feel confident in your golf game anymore and it's really impacting your well being. 

It's time to stop shanking your golf shots!

Listen carefully…

In the video below Paul Wilson teaches you how to stop shanking in 5 minutes. It's so simple to fix a golf shank if you understand what you're doing.

Now, take a look at this video:

This is what you have to do…

You don’t need to be worried about the shanks anymore. 

But you need to watch Paul's video. In it he explains the one thing that will not only stop your shanking but also prevent you from ever shanking in the future.

(You stopped and watched the video, right?)

Then you do the shank fix drill till you’re feeling confident.

With a good understanding of what causes the shank and time spent on the golf shank drill fix I was able to cure my shanks and have that embarrassing feeling go away. After an intense period of time searching for answers, I finally found the golf shank cure that will prevent them from happening again. 

If you take the time absorbing this outline and put in some time practicing, you will have cured your golf shanks.

Happy no shank golferThis could be you in the near future. Just a happy shank-free golfer!

Golf Shank Tips And Drills

Any golfer can cure the golf shank with one simple shank drill fix, because if you prevent your shank, you will hit your golf shots clean every time.

Yes, golf shanks can become mental. But with some time spent on the shank drill you can cure the cause of your golf swing shanks.

Learn how to shallow your club in the downswing and remember what Paul Wilson taught you above.

There’s nothing that can stop you now...

What’s Next For Your Golf Swing Shank?

If you don’t take action now and practice the golf shank fix, then your game will never change. 

You will continue to shank your golf shot every now and then and that embarrassing feeling when others see your shanked shots will never go away.

What most golfers do is that they don’t put in the time on the range working on the fix that will prevent the causes from making them shank. These golfers will continue to shank their shots forever.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Sunnier sun greener grassIf you fix your golf shank, then the sun will become sunnier and the grass will become greener.

You have learned about the causes and how to cure your golf hanks with a single drill fix.

Now imagine yourself as a shank-free golfer…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never shank a golf shot again?

FAQ: Golf Shanks - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Golf Game

What is a shank in golf?

A shank in golf is an unintentional shot that occurs when the ball is struck with the hosel of the club, instead of the clubface. This usually results in a weak and unpredictable ball flight, often veering sharply to the right for right-handed golfers and to the left for left-handed golfers.

What causes a shank in golf?

Shanks can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

-Poor setup, such as standing too close to the ball or improper alignment

-Incorrect swing path, often caused by an overly steep or flat swing plane

-Overactive hands or wrists during the swing, leading to inconsistent clubface control

-Loss of balance during the swing, which can cause the club to shift off-plane

How to never shank a golf ball again?

To never shank a golf ball again, focus on the following:

-Proper setup and alignment

-Maintaining balance throughout the swing

-Practicing a consistent and smooth swing path

-Keeping hands and wrists relaxed during the swing

-Regular practice, ideally with the help of a qualified golf instructor

How to fix a shank in golf? (golf shank fix)

To fix a shank in golf, try the following:

-Review your setup and alignment, ensuring you have the correct distance from the ball and proper body positioning

-Focus on maintaining balance throughout your swing by keeping your weight centered over your feet

-Work on creating a consistent swing path, avoiding an overly steep or flat plane

-Develop a smooth, relaxed tempo to prevent overactive hands and wrists

Why do I shank the golf ball?

You may shank the golf ball due to issues with your setup, swing path, balance, or hand and wrist movements. Identifying the specific cause of your shanks can help you make the necessary adjustments to improve your golf game.

How to cure a shank (simple cure for the shanks)

A simple cure for the shanks includes:

-Practicing with a small object, such as a tee, placed outside the ball to encourage a proper swing path

-Placing a towel or headcover under your armpits to promote connection and maintain balance during your swing

-Focusing on a target in the distance, rather than the ball, to help with alignment and prevent overthinking the swing

Stop shanking

To stop shanking, consider the following tips:

-Practice regularly, focusing on proper setup, alignment, and swing path

-Work with a qualified golf instructor to identify and correct any specific issues causing your shanks

-Stay relaxed and maintain a positive mindset during your golf game

Golf shank slow motion

Analyzing your swing in slow motion can be a valuable tool to identify any issues causing shanks. This can be done using a smartphone or video camera to record your swing, then reviewing the footage to pinpoint areas for improvement. Working with a golf instructor during this process can provide expert guidance and advice.

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