Golf Putting Tips - Try AimPoint Express

by Johnny

Golf is a complicated and frustrating game for many people.

It requires discipline, patience, focus, and a lot of time to become a better player.

Even if you are a good golfer, your putter's performance can determine what kind of experience you'll have while on the course.

If you have a bad putter, even the best golfers can't compensate for that. Your game largely depends on your putting ability.

But most of us can’t blame bad putting on our putter…

To putt well you need to know how to do it correctly. And when it comes to putting, knowing the correct technique can make all the difference!

Even if you put in all the hard work, there are still other factors that can cause you to miss. One of the most frustrating things about golf is definitely putting — it's a skill that's more difficult to master than other elements of the game.

We all know how difficult it can be with those long putts on the green and all the frustration we feel when missed putts cost us extra strokes. We might be able to reduce our score by a few strokes, but if you are struggling with the putter you have to try something new.

I recommend you to consider the putting tip I’m about to share with you.

Until now there hasn't been an easy way for weekend golfers to get the help they need. But with the putting tip I got from a friend, everything changed for me.


Let me explain.

How I Became A Better Putter

I used to be a bad putter and that cost me many strokes in every round of golf I played.

But with some good golf tips on putting from my buddy, I’m now enjoying myself every time I’m about to putt on the green.

Putting is the hardest part of golf because it requires so much precision, which is why you should focus on it. If you want to be more confident with your putts, there are a few things you can do.

Golf is a game of skill and accuracy and putting is one of the most frustrating things in golf. You put a lot of time into your game and all of a sudden, you can't sink those putts.

It’s not cool when I putt bad, it makes me outright mad.

I don’t know about you, but a round I played before I applied the putting tip from my friend went like this…

The first putt I hit was bad, but I thought "Okay, it's only one putt." For the second one, my ball went right and way past the hole and I knew the third putt would be bad as well. I finally hit the third one and it didn't go in. Smoke was coming out of my ears..

What was the golf tip on putting I got from my friend?

AimPoint Express.

My buddy introduced me to AimPoint Express.

And that has made all the difference for me on the greens. Golf is a tricky game, and it takes a lot of time and practice to master putting.

But Aimpoint Express makes the process easier by providing me with instant feedback before I putt. Aimpoint's patented system can be used on any green and it’s easy and fast to use.

Here’s how.

AimPoint Express Putting Tip

You might wonder what kind of golf putting tip that is, and I can tell you that it’s pure gold in your arsenal.

AimPoint Express is a revolutionary green reading system that enables you to read greens using your feet to determine the slope for any given putt. This system is discreet and easy to use, guaranteeing accurate readings every time. Some of the best players in the world use this system for their putting, and it's a great way to save strokes on the green!

How can you benefit?

Once you learn AimPoint Express green reading fundamentals you will putt better than ever before. The system is very easy to learn. Yes, you have to spend a little time learning it and to dial in the feel in your feet and eyes, but after that nothing will stop you on the greens.

We all should listen to golf tips on putting, but not every tip is good. We should only listen to the putting tips we believe are good. For me the AimPoint putting tip has made me a better golfer.

And the best part?

Besides I no longer have to bend my body to get the line for my putt, think about this…

How would it feel to make that next putt?

From now on, your percentages are up. Your buddies will look at you in a whole new way. You will become a better putter and a better golfer.

And your playing partners will notice.

This is my best golf tip on putting. It has made a huge difference for me. I hope it will benefit you and your golf too.


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