Golf Drive Tips For Hitting Straighter Drives

by Johnny

You may have a difficult time feeling good on the course, because you are not hitting the ball well with your driver. Your shots are always wayward and you can't seem to get enough distance.

Driving the ball long and straight is one of the keys to a successful round of golf.

But many golfers struggle with getting the distance they want when driving the ball, causing them to feel frustrated on the course.

You want to feel confident and powerful on the golf course, but every time you swing your driver, you're so worried about landing your ball short you can't even focus on your other shots.

If you want to start getting better scores, then it's time to commit to the game. That starts with mastering your swing and driving the ball off the tee.

You feel frustrated and like a bad golfer when your friends are near. You keep playing anyway, but there's just not enough joy in it. Does this ring a bell?

It's important to find the perfect driver that suits your swing and gives you better control over how far you hit the ball. It's also important to practice and get good tips from an experienced golf pro.

But How?

With the golf drive tips here, I'll show you how to choose a great driver for your game, how to practice, and also give some useful tips for buying a driver.

The first step to getting a great tee shot is choosing a good golf driver, and there's no other way to do that than by trying them out in person. They're not cheap, but they're worth it because the difference between one that's great and one that has issues can be hard to notice.

Knowing how to drive the ball long and straight will help you hit more impressive shots and to be happy with your game. Trusting your swing is all that's needed to play harder with more confidence when playing with friends on the course.

With golf lessons from a pro, you'll get the drive tips and big club you need in order to hit longer drives that give you less distance to cover when it comes to short game and putting. Swing away with confidence knowing the local golf pro will help your ball fly off the tee like never before!

But there’s more.

Picture this…

What are the Best Golf Drive Tips for Beginners?

Golf is a sport that can be quite difficult to master. It is not just about swinging the club and hitting the ball. You also need to know how to do it properly.

With some good golf drive tips you can change who you are on the course and become the golfer you always dreamed about.

We all want to hit the driver long and straight in front of our friends, don’t we?

This is a compilation of my best golf drive tips that can help you improve your swing and also make it easier to hit the ball straighter. There are many different types of golf clubs, but the most important one for beginners is the driver.

(Yes, it’s because of the driver we all play golf. Nothing beats the feeling of a long straight drive.)

Here are some golf driver tips to help you play golf like you always wanted to play it…

1) Make sure you have the right grip on your club. The grip should be in the palm of your left hand, and your fingers on your left hand should be wrapped around the right hand and your driver shaft.

2) Stand in a comfortable position with both feet apart, knees slightly bent and weight on both feet. Your back should also be straight while you're swinging the club.

3) Keep your head down and eyes focused on where you want to hit the ball. You will need to swing in a downward motion with an upward follow through. Keep your hands ahead of the ball at impact, and make sure that they are relaxed as well as loose during contact with the ball.

However, hitting big drives doesn't come easy just by reading some golf tips.

Here’s the missing piece of golf swing tips for the driver…

Hit Longer & Straighter Drives With Tips From Your Local Pro

Here we are going to talk about some golf drive tips you can do to improve your driving distance. If you have read my previous article on golf tips for drivers, then you know that the driver is an important part of your golfing arsenal.

The first tip we are going to talk about is club head speed. The faster your club head is travelling at impact, the longer your drive will be.

Tip number two is a little more complicated than tip number one but it’s worth it because it will help you hit straighter drives.

Here it comes…

Make sure you get fitted with a suitable driver by your golf pro.

What's the perfect driver?

It's the one that suits your game.

Local golf pros understand what you need to improve on and work with you to find the club that works best. The right driver can be a game changer. If you're looking for a new club, head on over to your local golf pro for a custom fitting today!

If you have been in the game for a while, chances are you have your own set of golf tips to share with others. But just as important is the need to know how to hit the ball long and straight.

Well, when it comes to golf lessons, it's important to find a teacher who will be able to give you the best instruction for your own personal needs.

You'll want someone who can help you out with your swing, and one of the best ways to find such a teacher is to ask friends who are already golfing.

After you have taken these steps, you will transform from an insecure beginner to a golfer that consistently hits those big drives to make you proud.

How will you feel when your friends become jealous by the way you hit your drives off the tee?

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