From Soccer Crazy to Golf Avid - My Journey Into Golf

by Jamie

I was lost and confused. My life had no direction. One day while reading a newspaper, I saw a notice, “Beginners’ Golf Lessons”. At that moment, I made my life's biggest decision.

I was lost and confused. My life had no direction. One day while reading a newspaper, I saw a notice, “Beginners’ Golf Lessons”. At that moment, I made my life's biggest decision.

Soccer was all I wanted to play when I was growing up. I loved everything that entailed soccer, and as I grew up, the love for soccer became an obsession.

In my room there were posters of great soccer players like Maradona, van Basten and Rossi. However, when I tried to replicate what was in my heart out on the field, things were not working out for me as I grew older. I was denied to showcase my talent at a higher level.

One day I packed my gear and left the locker room and soccer for good. That was the end for me in the world of sports, at least so I thought...

Some years later, I saw a newspaper advertising beginner golf lessons. At first, I ignored the advert, but as I rode the train to work, I thought of it again. This was my life's turning point from soccer to golf.

On arriving home, I researched golf lessons and golf courses near me. To my surprise, golf group lessons were being conducted a stone's throw distance from where I lived. After a few consultation sessions with my friends, I enrolled for practice the following month.

I can tell you that swinging the golf club was more difficult than I anticipated. But, there was something about it that kept me going… Despite my friend Mary and I being the only ladies in this male-dominated group, we pushed on with practising our golf swings.

As time went by, it was evident that balancing personal affairs, career and golf was complicated, but neither this nor my past could interfere with what I was doing. On several occasions, I came on the verge of giving up and I had to recollect my energy and focus it on golf! This is what kept us going.

The Toughness Of The Golf Course Taught Me A Lot!

As a former shy and naive child who grew up into being an anxious adult, golf taught me a lot, from being confident to fighting fear. The game gave me the foundation on which I could rebuild my "scattered life". When I was younger, this couldn't have been possible when my endeavors to pursue a career in soccer were turned down.

A few years ago I made myself proud, I entered my first local golf tournament…

It was another hot summer day for most people, but deep inside me, I was fighting anxiety caused by the upcoming tournament. Many questions were marauding inside me, and some of them included:

How am I going to handle my emotions when playing? Will I beat even a single man in this competition? What if I fail terribly? How will I live with it?

For sure, my mind was fighting a torrent, it was facing certain difficulties and uncertain outcomes, but as I thought of my situation, I gathered just enough courage to lift myself to the course. With only me and myself alone left to take care of my situation, I saw Mary cheering from the side.

That was the coolest moment of my life since I started to play golf!

Instead of fear and anxiety dominating my mind, a sudden feeling of becoming an accomplished golfer sprouted in my heart. I knew very well this hot summer day would host my success story, so as I stood on the tee box; the victory was inevitable!

My golf story did not only end with me having a fun tournament. It also set up an inspirational chain that would later pull other ladies into the game. Two ladies from my neighborhood approached me, requesting me to help them get into golf.

I was pleased to do so. These ladies have now become golfers.

Currently, with soccer well left behind, I can't wait to join other golfers for another terrific round of golf. This will help me shed another load of calories, train my muscles a little bit and have a deep sleep at night.

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Impressive Journey In Golf
by: Johnny

Glad to hear it!

We are excited for you and hope that this feeling never leaves. We would love to hear more about your golf journey and how you are doing with the new found skills, please reach out to us anytime.

We are so happy to hear that the game helped you in your quest for a fulfilling life. If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

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