How To Pick What’s Right For You Among The Best Golf Videos For Beginners

If you have have searched for and tried to find the best golf videos for beginners in order to get that natural and effortless golf swing you want, that swing you’ve seen others have, in order to feel comfortable when playing with new golfers you don't’ know or to be able to fully enjoy the game when playing with friends but all you feel is confused when clicking from golf video to golf video, then I got something that will interest you.

Here’s the story:

When at the golf course you see all these other golfers that seem all confident and secure about themselves. They swing the club in a way that seems natural and effortless and you somewhere feel that they are looking at you when you swing in a way that is all but proper. You get a feeling that the course belongs a little more to these seasoned golfers than to newbies like yourself.

You’ve done what you can come up with in order to learn a proper and functional golf swing. You know that there’s a lot of golf videos for beginners out there and it feels like you’ve watched them all, but you feel totally confused. 

You reached the point where you realize that watching a golf for beginners video only gives you a single tip or a single piece of information, leaving you even more confused and frustrated. You understand that in order for you to improve, you need more than to watch just random swing tips videos on Youtube. 

You wish that there was a golf video for beginners that would give you the full system to an effortless and natural golf swing to take away your pain. If there were, you would quickly learn to understand the game of golf and the swing fundamentals. 

You would put in the time needed for practice, but first you must feel that you found the best golf videos for beginners so that you can build your swing from the ground up in order to be more comfortable when being around the more seasoned golfers and to enjoy your rounds when playing with friends.

Female golfer in green swinging the driver

I remember what it was like, because this was me just a few years ago. 

I had a strong desire to learn how to play the game and to get that golf swing working for me in the same way I saw others hitting the ball effortlessly. I was totally confused and close to giving up. 

But I kept reading and studying the game and then I came across what I believe are the best golf instruction videos for beginners. This was a huge breakthrough for me and I’ve never really looked back from this point in time.

Best Golf Videos For Beginners

There are many good golf video lessons free on Youtube. Just stay away from single golf video tips until you have a greater understanding of the swing. When you have good knowledge about the swing, you can go to single tip golf videos on Youtube to fix that specific part in your swing.

From here I would say you should head toward one of these two directions:

  • Find the best free golf instruction videos and lessons on Youtube. 

These are golf courses by a skilled coach that take you systematically from the basics, shows you the fundamentals and gives you a full golf video training system.

Sign up for a paid course with the best golf instruction videos for beginners. Even though there are good free swing videos and courses on Youtube, the golf coaches save the best for the paid version. Wouldn’t you do the same? 

Best Youtube Golf Video Lessons

In my opinion, these are some of the very best free golf lessons and instructions videos for beginners on Youtube: 

Golf with Aimee

I find Aimee to be very easy to follow. She gives instructions and drills in her videos that I feel I can understand and adopt to my own game. She has some very good video series of golf fundamental lessons that are useful and simple to teach yourself at home. She teaches you the right positions in detail and how to apply the right pressure into your body. Her video lessons on fundamentals are good even for non-beginners.


I’ve tried and tested both the free and the paid courses. Andy Proudman and Piers Ward are both fun to watch and they deliver informative golf content in an easy to understand way. Their videos and step by step instructions videos have helped many beginner golfers reach the next level.

Scratch Golf Academy

High quality videos and online golf lessons with an edge. Adam Bazalgette worked for the Leadbetter Academy for many years. Easy to understand instructions and Adam explains everything for you in a very smooth way.

Chris Ryan Golf

I haven’t personally watched Chris video lessons that much. But the instructions and videos I have watched are really good and I’ve enjoyed them. I know he is good and that many beginner golfers enjoy his video instructions and find them helpful.

Mark Crossfield

I enjoy his golf course vlogs and playing lessons. Watching somebody who knows and understands the game playing on the course is something every beginner should do. These beginner video lessons can give you a whole new understanding about how to actually play the game out on the course. Also good general golf video tips and instructions in his beginner golf lessons.

Danny Maude

This is a golf coach that has a more scientific approach than some others. You can tell that Danny is really passionate about the game of golf and I think his approach fits anyone that wants to improve fast. He also has an instruction series called Easy Swing For Senior Golfers.

Best Paid Golf Video Lessons And How To Golf Videos

In my opinion, these are the best golf for beginners videos and lessons. I’ve tried and tested many paid courses and find them to be a very good option mixed with some one-on-one golf lessons with your local teaching professional every now and then.

With high quality golf video training and coaching for beginners you get a good understanding of the swing fundamentals from these lessons.

Some of these courses also offer you to upload your own swing for analysis and you get feedback and tips on how you are doing in return.

At the current moment my best golf videos for beginners are from Scratch Golf Academy and Meandmygolf. Their paid content offers everything you need to improve your golf swing and game. With a paid package you get golf video training tips and lessons for a beginner and they will help you develop your skills with detailed online golf instruction and comprehensive video courses.

With any of these you won’t only get beginner golf video instruction and tutorials. You will also get driving, putting, chipping and pitching video lessons.

What Golf Instruction Videos Are Right For You?

Now it’s up to you. 

What type of beginner golf video lessons will you start with?

The free instruction courses are good to start with and they give you a training system that you can practice. And it’s hard to beat free…

The paid golf video lessons are the best instructions for your swing training and improvements. These are the coaching videos that will get you there in the shortest amount of time. 

If you are ready for a paid option today, this is what I would choose. If you are not ready today, I would recommend you start with one of the free options. You will come back to the paid video golf lessons and instructions later when you want to progress your game further.

What The Best Golf Videos For Beginners Will Do For You

Imagine yourself having that natural and effortless golf swing all the better golfers have. 

  • How would you feel when standing next to a good golfer on the driving range? 
  • How would you feel if you didn’t have to think in your backswing any longer? 

You would both play better and you would be able to fully enjoy the game of golf when playing your rounds. The best players have all taken a ton of lessons. Everyone that wants to improve in a skill seek the help from someone who knows. 

The best golf video instructions can do this for you:

  • Give you an effortless swing that let you hit the balls better than you are hitting them today
  • No more thinking about how to in your backswing
  • Let you fully enjoy the game here and now when playing your rounds

What most people do however, is to stick with single tips golf videos on Youtube. They don’t seek the advice from a professional swing coach, they don’t take video lessons and they don’t practice on the driving range.

By not taking action, your game will not improve. You will be stuck with a bad golf swing and feel other golfers are looking at you when you struggle yourself around the course in an uncomfortable way.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Drill down among any of the golf video lessons mentioned above. Take action today. Follow the lessons, practice at home and on the range. 

In a few weeks time you will see that you are improving your golf swing. It probably won’t be any huge improvement, but with more understanding about the golf swing from a video coach and continuous practice the ball is now in motion.

Male golfer in green

By taking action with your first beginner golf video lesson you will be on the path to a better golf swing and more fun out on the course. You will become more confident at the golf course and you will enjoy your rounds more since you are hitting the ball better.

I’ve given you a list of what’s in my opinion is the best golf videos for beginners. You are now standing at a crossroad.

Will you continue to watch random golf videos or will you decide on a golf coach and follow his or hers video training system and instruction?

If you take advantage of the best golf videos you can learn how to swing the club in a proper and effortless way in a fairly short amount of time. 

How nice wouldn’t it be to have a proper and effortless swing where you can take your mind off the technical part of the golf swing? 

With your new skills you can then focus on enjoying the game together with your friends and you will feel comfortable when playing with new people for the first time.

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